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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Day

 This is the first day I have decided to share my experiences in finally declaring its my turn.  Not that I will not be there whenever my children or grandchildren need me but on a day to day basis, "Its My Turn"
My fellow has one more week and then he joins me in retirement:)  We do have a full list of items to accomplish before we can be free and roam the country in a RV.  But without job schedules in the way, we should be able to accomplish ever so much. How smart and lucky we are to be able to retire in our fifties.  Look ahead, young people, make plans today (don't wait till New Years Day to make those very important resolutions) to be able to retire early and take control of your life:)
We own a a 5 acre Pecan Farm in the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico that needs a buyer.  Lol  We like everyone else in this country have numerous uncompleted projects that must be completed prior to sale.  But my Fellow is a bred and born Texan and is very handy.  He can fix or make anything. 
I am his best helper, my OCD always kicks in and I keep him organized.  We both know we are an awesome team!  Yes, after all these years, I am still madly in love with my Fellow and he is my best friend.  (I can see all my children roll their eyes at this point, but they do like that fact).

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