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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Today is the last day of employment for my Fellow.  Tomorrow starts the first day of Retirement for him!    He woke up early and dressed in a loose fit pair of jeans.  I moved his shaving items from his bathroom to mine for his convenience when he informed me that he was not shaving today.  Lol  My nephew and his family are visiting and are using the second bathroom that my husband took over when our son moved out. Laughing I returned his shaving items to his bathroom wondering it I should pack them away since this might be the new normal for us.  For 26 years he has shaved every morning and always kept a close haircut (he was also in Law Enforcement and this was a mandate).   So the rebellion starts today, what fun!  Basically all he had to was show up for a couple hours and then he was free!  He arrived promptly home after a short goodbye to everyone at work.  I was concerned that this would become a little emotional for us both, but it turned out to be celebratory:)  My nephew has always been close to my Fellow and met him on the sidewalk when he returned home for a handshake and embrace which did bring tears to my eyes, but they dried quickly when I saw his expression of relief and freedom.   We both laughed and are acting like children that are left home with the parents away.  We can now do whatever we wish and have to answer to no one except ourselves. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am in the process of attempting to slow myself down and I achieved this yesterday!   My son and his dogs arrived. He moved out about 4 or 5 months ago and his room was left as is...  Since he works and attends college, I have not pushed the fact that I have one room in my house that is in complete shambles.
His girlfriend was out of town yesterday and he was off work so it was perfect.  My son (bless his heart) is one who slowly goes through life and just knows that everything will just fall into place at the last minute with no strain on his part.  He is an amazing writer and is so witty but he brings procrastination to a whole new level.   I assisted him in his room organizing and gently (or ever so gently) prodding him forward. A job that should have taken 1 1/2 hours took 4 (or was it 5).  I have changed my mind about slowing down, I can't handle it!   I will attempt to not put hot deadlines on myself but I have to go through life at a pace that is recognizable to me.  Just like God sent me this amazing young man when I thought I would only have two daughters, God used him yesterday to accept myself as I am.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Two

Funny thing about retirement.
After years of racing through life to reach a diffident finish line for that day, its so hard to work on a project without a time limit.  Basically I work on a project until I decide when to stop, (how awesome is that?)  I am trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the task instead of muscling through it.  If I could teach my children anything, it would be to slow down....  My eldest daughter, (who is an overachiever) believes that life is a race. Lol     I just spent three weeks with her and her family (she just delivered my second granddaughter) and she see tasks as challenges.  She looks at her day and sees a 10-15 minute slot and decides to accomplish a 20-30 minute task.  Of course she plays just as hard.  Her and her husband have an awesome social life along with year around tickets to Disneyland.   I am not criticizing her, she seems to thrive on this fast pace. And drives just the same!  LOL  Of course she was raised in Southern California, attended UCI, and has lived in the LA area ever since so she totally blends in with all the other California Drivers.  OK, where was I, oh yes,  my Fellow and I have a long list of tasks to accomplish before we can be free and travel full time.  I plan on slowing down and enjoying each and every one of them instead of racing through this part of my life to get to another part of life. Wish me luck, my daughter inherited that from somewhere.       hehehe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Day

 This is the first day I have decided to share my experiences in finally declaring its my turn.  Not that I will not be there whenever my children or grandchildren need me but on a day to day basis, "Its My Turn"
My fellow has one more week and then he joins me in retirement:)  We do have a full list of items to accomplish before we can be free and roam the country in a RV.  But without job schedules in the way, we should be able to accomplish ever so much. How smart and lucky we are to be able to retire in our fifties.  Look ahead, young people, make plans today (don't wait till New Years Day to make those very important resolutions) to be able to retire early and take control of your life:)
We own a a 5 acre Pecan Farm in the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico that needs a buyer.  Lol  We like everyone else in this country have numerous uncompleted projects that must be completed prior to sale.  But my Fellow is a bred and born Texan and is very handy.  He can fix or make anything. 
I am his best helper, my OCD always kicks in and I keep him organized.  We both know we are an awesome team!  Yes, after all these years, I am still madly in love with my Fellow and he is my best friend.  (I can see all my children roll their eyes at this point, but they do like that fact).