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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exercise-Bad Word/Good Wood

In January, exercise is in your face everywhere!  Yes, I do need to exercise regularly and try to.  Since I have quit smoking I have gained weight so I am trying to work hard to exercise.  I also like beer which is a major factor in weight gain.  I do love to say exercise when I am finished with my workout and that makes it a good word, but when I say I need to exercise then it just sours the word. Hahaha.  So the timing of the word determines how the word sits on my stomach (in more ways than one).  And of course being over fifty, exercise needs to really become a part of each day and not just because of vanity.
Going to the gym to a twenty-something or thirty-something person is classy and cool,  but going to the gym after fifty makes one realize it's comparable to that pill case (you know the one that has the days of the week on it, so we remember to take our meds).  It becomes part of that fight to stay moving and to attempt to overcome gravity (not just my bust line being lower but everything is trying to slide down also).   I have several sneaky ways to help sneak up on exercise, one is the WI, with any and all the  fun games to play, I am able to exercise without having to say it. I can also challenge my Fellow to a game or two and sneak in an exercise routine for him without his knowledge (I think?).  Also so exercise doesn't have to overcome one, I have discovered several apps for my iPhone to log in my exercises and my foodies.  This helps ever so much by making me more aware the balance of a good diet and exercise.      My favorite is "Lose it" which has the ability to scan the bar code on most foods to record the calories and saves it under my favorites for ease in logging it in the next time.  I know the advantages of a diet diary but usually the inconvenience prevents one from continuing this great habit. This app makes it quick and easy and I have been more successful using it.   You can also use it on the web at   So just check this site/app out and I believe you will find it very user friendly.  Happy Exercising!!  (Or as my granddaughter used to say "ebercising").

This is the little icon (do they still say icon?) that represents lose it.

And it is so much smaller but I am unable to shrink it any more than I have:(

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