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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Daughter's Birthday

My youngest daughter turns 33 today!  (Was it yesterday that I was 33??). 

  My daughter, Michelle is a loving, strong, very open girl (and has always been) and one of the best mother's I have ever met.  I often wish I could have been or was as secure in my decisions of Motherhood as she is.  

She has endured numerous challenges in her life.  She is currently raising three rumbustious boys by herself.   Michelle was a stay at home mother for the last 12 years and now that her situation in life has changed, she is struggling with several decisions.   She is attempting to obtain employment not only in one of the worst economic atmospheres in our lifetime but she doesn't have employment history.  She is fighting fears for her children, her future and financial stability.   Even in this day and age, forcing an ex-spouse to pay child support and/or alimony is time consuming, pocketbook draining and so very emotional.  It takes years for the state's Attorney General to work on your case, they are apparently overloaded and if you do as we are, private attorney's are very costly.

On this day, I pray for Michelle and just ask what I have always asked, health and happiness for her and her children.   I know (even if she doesn't now) that she will survive and conquer these challenges and become a better and richer (not just $$$) person because of this time in her life.  She has already learned that she has become so much closer to her boys and they are happy, secure and very respectfully young men in spite of their current situation.  That reinforces the statement that Michelle is one of the best mothers I have ever known.  I love her and the boys ever so much and will always be on her side.  To quote Michelle "I have your back, Sweetie". 


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