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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Retirement Party

Last night (Friday the 13th, lol) we attended my Fellow's Retirement Party   My fellow is a humble fellow and is not comfortable being the "headliner"of the show.  We had a blast!  My son was off work and was able to go with us and that made the night even more special:)  My Fellow's boss from 13 years ago was in attendance with his lovely wife.  A letter was read from Leo, a dear friend who retired years ago and lives in Montana. Three other retired Border Patrol Agents were also there.  And of course the room was full of outstanding agents that had worked for or with my Fellow.   Just about every picture I took we were either laughing or smiling so big.  Among the gifts my Fellow received was a metal detector and a sluice box for mining gold. I can hardly wait to get on the road and use these items.  It was just an informal get together with plenty food, friends and adult beverages.  What a perfect send off for my Fellow!!  Now I don't have to share him.

Retired agents.  These guys are heroes.  They went to work each day and worked hard to protect our country, day after day for years.  They survived adversity, politics and personal challenges and continued to be good men each and every day.

The Three Kings.  These gentleman were Watch Commanders for the station. They were in charge of each of the three shifts and the agents assigned to that shift. They ran the day to day operations and they outranked everyone in the station at that time except two   The troops nicknamed them the three kings.    How awesome they have continued to be great friends also.

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