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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tie Dye Fun

                    Tie Dye T-Shirts

We made tie dye shirts for the family reunion last summer.  My Fellow's family gets together every two years for an awesome family reunion and  each branch of the family designs matching t-shirts for them and their offspring.  It is so much fun and we know who belongs to whom.  This year my Fellows family decided on Tie Dye Shirts.     Since my daughters live so far away, my son and his young lady joined me in designing and dyeing them.  We had  so much fun and the shirts had such vivid colors. 
  We purchased a cheap plastic drop cloth from the hardware store and covered our table. (Just threw it in the trash afterwards) and started tying white t-shirts with rubber bands.  It didn't get too messy and all the shirts came out great!

My daughter and I talking to a favorite cousin. Our shirts really pop!  Of course my son's young lady tweaked them with a pair of scissors to make them more fashionable and girly:)

My son and I taking a break in the shade and watching my grandson's:) There is no hiding with these awesome shirts.

I so totally cheated.  We just purchased a tie dye kit from Walmart that came with the little plastic squirt bottles and different dye packages and plenty of rubber bands. I also purchased plain white inexpensive cotton t-shirts at Walmart.   We just followed the instructions for one of the designs (this kit has several different choices of designs).  Basically we just placed the t-shirt on the table and grabbed the middle of the shirt and  pulled it back placing rubber bands every inch or so.  Using the little squirt bottles we dyed each segment a different color. Shirts came out beautiful and the kit makes several, so this is a must do activity again.

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