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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We have a local blacksmith that does amazing work.  Hooper Shannon  does everything by hand, heating the metal and pounding it into shape. 

We always see him at our local farmers' market and I love to see what new item he has designed.  He is soft spoken and gentle with a contagious laugh.  He is always friendly and always asks about my son.  His lovely wife Kate is usually with him and assists with the sales, they are both just good people.
These are small samples of his work:


This is one of the newest items I have purchased from Hooper, it is a chopping knife that was made from a file.  I bought it when we went to the Cowboy Cook off in Ruidoza.  We were pleased to learn that he is there every year demonstrating his talents and selling his work.

A large spoon and a ladle. These like numerous other cooking tools he designs have a little hook so it can be hung. We have a rod over our grill and these items hang and are ever so handy.


This is probably the item that is used most often.  It is a meat hook and used to turn steaks or chicken on the grill.  It is made from cast iron and I clean it the same as a good cast iron skillet.  Wash it, NO SOAP, and wipe it down with vegetable oil and heat to dry:)

This is my absolute favorite, a horse head letter opener made from a horse shoe. Hopper gave it to me a few years back and I absolutely love it!!


  1. I have blacksmiths in my ancestors! I was telling my wife a few weeks back I would love to get the tools and sharpen the skills I have. Thanks for following! I will be back!

  2. Awesome! Such beautiful handicraft :)


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