My Turn for us: Granddaughters
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What's better than having daughters?      


It's like getting a second chance to be the person you wished you could be when you were raising your daughters.   And of course having grand kids is the ultimate blessing!  When I was raising my daughters, I worked full time,  I didn't have the time to do what I do now for my grand kids.  I have just finished crocheting a little monkey for my youngest granddaughter.  My crocheting talents are a little rusty and I have just obtained the "beginner" status again, so that was a challenge! But I hung in there because "Grammie" will do anything for the granddaughters!   And I am making Barbie clothes, hand over fist, and loving every minute of it.  Oh Yes! These little girls are ever so perfect.

My eldest granddaughter is a princess and all  girl.  She loves dressing up and all things girly.  She is confident, brilliant and has such a loving personality.  In her world, everything is exciting and amazing.  We went for a walk to the park during my last visit and I had ever so much fun, just walking with her!
She exclaimed "This is an adventure!!"   She then circled her eyes with her fingers and said "Use your binoculars!!!"  I was able to see the world through her eyes and yes, it was an amazing adventure!

We are still getting the know who the baby will become, what fun!  But for now she is a happy growing baby that is so responsive, showing her little emotions completely on her little face.   What a perfect little bundle and a special gift from God. I just love her so very much:)