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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prospecting for Gold

The other evening, my Fellow and I decided (on a whim) to go to the desert and get some dirt. He received a sluice box for a retirement present and I was dying to learn how to run it. (I guess I have watched Gold Rush Alaska,way too many times). After purchasing some adult beverages, we went to the desert and located a good spot.  We had taken a plastic tub and a rubber bucket to transport the dirt back to our house.  We immediately learned two things.  Number one, park the vehicle very close to the location of the dig.  Number two, we only needed one bucket. (Otherwise it's way too much work).  Lol

We set up the sluice box in our barn for light and warmth and started "running" our dirt.  His sluice box is pretty easy to operate. It has a little pump that circulates the water up and over the miner's moss.  We can slowly shovel the dirt into the top tray and as the water carries it downward, the heavier gold and black dirt settles in the miner's moss. The concept is since black dirt and gold are heavier, they settle and get caught in the miners moss allowing dirt to be swept away thus separating the gold flakes from the dirt.

The next morning, we cleaned out the miner's moss and my Fellow "panned" our findings.  I don't know how to "pan" , but just hide and watch,  I will one day:)

 Alas no Gold but we did locate black sand.
Apparently black sand is found with gold but gold is not always found with black sand.  Also as a tester my Fellow had hid 5 flattened BB's in the dirt and we found 5 flattened BB's in the bottom of the pan.  So this little sluice box works and we are ready to run some "good dirt"! 

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