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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Working on the Big Truck!

My Fellow is still working (manufacturing, designing, welding etc) on the Big Truck.   He laughs and says if he wasn't  such a perfectionist he would be finished by now.

  If you don't know it yet, this is the truck that will be pulling our Fifth Wheel across the great United States.  Over a year ago we purchased a over the road  2002 Volvo 610 diesel truck. 

 Since we will be living in the RV full time,  my dream RV is kinda large. hehehe.  There is even a washer/dryer stackable in the front closet. 
 He did not wish to worry about climbing or coming down off any mountain with a vehicle that would have problems. We found this truck for $13,000.   A major price difference from an F-350 pickup and with so much more power.  
 He removed the commercial fifth wheel and is in the process of designing the bed of the truck to have enough space between the trailer hookup and the cab to place our quad runners or even a smart car on the back of the truck.  

He amazes me, no he does not have a degree in any kind of engineering, but he is a self taught designer and hands-on manufacturer of anything he decides to build.  I have watched his projects over the years and he is so talented! I try to help him but I am limited, I know tools but am unable to weld or cut metal.  (I was a mechanic's daughter and love to be in the middle of all things mechanical)  
 So the other day, he asked for my help I was elated (not that he ever makes me feel unneeded)!  I grabbed my old overalls and a hoody and hurried out to the scene of the project.  He has finished the framework and is now covering the bed with a heavy metal sheet.

He asked me to stand on the bed to push the metal sheet down in order for him to weld it to the frame.  Hahaha!  I guess my big help to him today is the extra pounds I gained over the holidays.  Hey, I do what I can!!

My Fellow working on the Big Truck!


  1. how interesting it will be to follow your blog!!!! We rented an RV for our vacation 2 yrs all 10 of us as we traveled and met such amazing people....
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    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Looks like a lots of fun time together.

    Life is all about that.
    Carolyn xx

  8. Wow! That's quite a truck! I have a dream of having a little teardrop camper and doing some travelling! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm happily returning the follow! Your grandaughters are beautiful and yes....Grandkids totally rock!

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