My Turn for us: Empty Nest
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Empty Nest

Ok, up to now I have been bragging about not having responsibility (jobs, kids,etc)  But I do  miss my children ever so much.  I wish I had spend more time with them on each day of the lives.  I was very fortunate I had (still have) great kids!  They have had their ups and downs but they have become responsible adults who laugh about the times they butted heads with me.  They all went through that age (anywhere between 13 and twenty something or until they had children) when they were under the impression that Mother was an idiot!!! hahahah.   Poor darlings!  Of course maybe sometimes I was:(
 I still laugh when my children are amazed that I didn't have all the right answers back  then and that sometimes I was just winging it.  Who has all the right answers every day of your life while you are raising three children?   I try not to dwell on the times I was wrong but on the fact I was right enough to produce three amazing adults.  Its a shame we don't have a time machine, that I could just maybe for a day jump back in time to spend  just one day with each of them at certain ages.   Of course I am not the same person I was so maybe I would screw them up and I wouldn't wish to change any of my children. They are all different and I have a different relationship with each of them that I wouldn't change or trade for anything.  No regrets is something that I work on each day, so instead of beating myself up for something that I can't change, I enjoy the memories!