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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

I am writing this post to thank Ashley Jones @      for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award!  If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do so.   She has an amazing talent, she designs her home with simple inexpensive ways that are totally awesome!  

I am nominating the following blogs for the Liebster Blog Award.  Please check  out these awesome ladies.  

You will love Rebecca's ideas about organizing and decorating her home and her scrap booking ideas

 Kelli shares her love of cooking for her family, her devotion to God, reviews her favorite books and of course (you guessed it) her love for her family and others

 Carol is in the process of renovating a foreclosed home on a budget and my favorite  part  of her blog is when her and her hubby traveled full time in an RV (my goal)

4.Mamal Diane @
 Diane has some amazing recipes, garage sale finds, gardening tips and can hook you to freebies such as  free ebooks cookbooks

 Jonnique shares her love of life in pictures, recipes, crafting and fashion.  She reminds  me to not take life for granted and to love every minute of it.

All five of these lovely ladies uplift me and I enjoy following their blogs and I know you will also.

Here are the rules for passing the Liebster Blog Award along:

*Choose 5 up and coming blogs to award with less than
*Show your appreciation to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to them.
*Post the award on your blog.
*Link back to the blogs you are awarding so that everyone else can pay them a visit.


  1. Just popped over from Favorite Things hop at Katherine's. LOVE your blog! So excited to be following you!

  2. thanks so much for the award! I'm honored and will be passing this along! I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog and that you would think of me for this!
    Carol @arewethereyet

  3. I am visiting via the blog hop and am now following your cute blog:>
    Would love for you to come by and visit:>

  4. Wow…what a wonderful surprise! I really appreciate you choosing me. Your blog is really nice. You are the first I have found that talks about the struggles of Alzheimers. It was a real gift to me reading about your struggles and understandings of it all. I felt a door open for me reading your blog. Thank you for your honesty. I am a follower now!

  5. Thanks so much for the award !!! You placed a smile on my heart:)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Say Gifts to visit Hairy Scary and me =)


  7. You are so very welcome!! It feels great to share the blog love, doesn't it? Have a great weekend! :)

    Keeping Up With the Joneses

  8. I'm Following you threw the blog hop love your blog. Pleas stop by and visit me too. @


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