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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Favorite Grandsons

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... that's what little boys are made of..   Lol

This little jingle makes a point that girls are so very different from boys.  And my grandsons are a living, breathing example of that.  They are rough and tumble and laugh at all things smelly.  I raised two daughters for 13 and 11 years before I had my son, so the difference was very  apparent to me.  It is also very obvious when I visit grand kids, since one daughter has all girls and the other has all boys.
 Last month my Fellow and I visited our daughter and her three boys.     Let the live action begin!!!  These boys are 12, 8 and 7 years of age and are three of the best baseball players.   They grew up throwing baseballs and dragging baseball bats around almost before they could walk.   They could out bat and out throw me before the age of 5.  My daughter was a volley ball player and coach and she runs her household like a team.

I always try to make the most of my time with the boys and to do everything I can possible squeeze in.  One of the things we did on this visit is we made valentine sugar cookies and I bought everything to decorate them, and yes I even found edible squiggly eyes.    I am not sure but anytime I do anything with the boys, someone takes his shirt off. Not sure if this is learned behavior or just "boy", Lol.

Star Wars (now in 3D)      
 Our Favorite Family  Movie Series (three generations now)

   This is the youngest.    No! don't feel sorry for him, surviving three brothers, they are trying to survive him.  He is hilarious he totally decides what he wants to do and what he will not do. And a lot of the time it is just picking on his older brothers.   He is just sweet and cuddly.  He has the most amazing little smile that just melts your heart.

 This is the middle child (I know all you middle children, it's tough) but he is the most sensitive and sweet child. He wrote me two little notes while I was there telling me how much he loved me.  He is the only child without the red hair but he doesn't know yet that this makes him special and different (which is a good thing but not when we are young, we all wish to be just like.....).  He has an adorable little dimple and I know all the girls will notice (maybe they are already noticing)

 The eldest (five years older than the next) is the serious one.  He is neat and knows exactly how things should be.  He is an artist and is a very serious baseball player.  He loves knowledge, be it all about planes, sports figures or history.  We took all three boys to see the movie "Red Tails" and he knew the history of it and explained it to his mother during the movie. We so enjoy talking to him about any of the above.

I so love being "Grammy".  None of my grand babies live close but I make the most of everything with them.  I always try to send little things in the mail for any little holiday and I always get to be the fun person in their lives.  Since I don't live close I don't have to be the disciplinarian and I can give them cake for breakfast just because Grammy is not here that often, so anything goes:)


  1. That is great. I plan on spoiling my grandkids when I have them.

  2. thanks for stopping by and following, following you back! Glad I could help out, lol!

  3. Whats an awesome fammily! Good lookin boys!

  4. We spoil all five of our grandchildren. Being a grandparent is one of the best things in the world! xo

  5. Wonderful boys! You are so lucky to have them, and they are so lucky to have you. I love the removal of shirts tradition—for it does seem to be a tradition! :o)

    Thank you for linking to GRAND Social and introducing us to your beloved boys!

  6. Beautiful little boys. I can't wait until we have some. My son is planning on two boys. I just keep smiling and nodding at him. So far our daughter has two daughters. We'll see.

  7. Wonderful pictures! I can't imagine life with boys. I was one of two girls, I had only one girl and fortunately she had a girl! I wouldn't have known what to do with a baseball player!


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