My Turn for us: Update on my Mom
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update on my Mom

First I wish to thank everyone for your prayers and support during this difficult time.  I have found comfort and have felt the prayers.

As of now my Mother is resting comfortably in her own room.  She was released from the hospital yesterday.  
Her fracture was on the same hip  and was repaired by the same outstanding doctor.  I am not sure that she will ever be on her feet again.  Hopefully in a week or so she will be able to be placed in a wheelchair to be able to join everyone for daily activities.   She was transported to her Home in an ambulance  and that's when it hit me just how much she has declined because of this last injury.   I am just hoping that she knows she is in her own room and finds some peace in this.   
We have made the tough decision to not subject her to physical therapy this time.  I am supporting her to be at peace and not be pushed and I know her fragile body and mind could not handle any challenge at this time.   Her speech is almost non existent and garbled now but when the nurses had to draw blood or change bandages, she fights back. Yes, she even took a couple swings at us.   I like to see the fight in her, and when she is mad her speech is almost clear.  She was saying  "leave me alone" and I do believe that is an indicator that is exactly what she wishes.        

We have returned her to her familiar environment and with the support of the Staff and Hospice she will be kept comfortable.  I know if she has a chance it will be in an environment that is peaceful and in the only home she remembers.  (yes when she was mad in the hospital and she also told us " I want to go home!")    She has lost 11 lbs since her last surgery and she is so very frail.  Who knows she may at some point be walking again, she did it for herself last time.  I have acquired an peaceful acceptance now.  She deserves to be free and not go through this.  Hospice will make sure she is not agitated nor in pain and they are wonderful.  She is being cared for by a staff that has known and cared for her for the last year and I will be there every day for now.  

      It's been a tough five days but I have finally found peace.