My Turn for us: Desert Mountains
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Desert Mountains

Near our little farm is the Organ Mountains.  These are desert mountains rich in adventures and tales of lost gold mines.    I love looking up at these mountains with their many faces and changing colors.   I have always wished that I would never take them for granted and so far I haven't.

    The desert surrounding these mountains is our playground and we take advantage of the closeness as much as possible. 
 We loaded our ATV's in our horse trailer last week and planned an adventure. (I know, remember we are Texans, we use our horse trailers for everything, lol).  
  We loaded an ice chest with drinks and carne asada with the fixings and headed out.   
 What freedom! 
 We usually plan these trips on a weekday to have the entire desert to ourselves and we did on this day.  We didn't see another soul the entire day.   What freedom!!!

Unloading ATV's

On the Trail

 Desert mountains and my Fellow at the base on the trail

Wide spaces

Top of the mountain (don't you just love my big ol sweatshirt, LOL)

Riding Down the Mountain

Safe back at the base and resting before the next trail 

Old Mine

This is in front of the Mine.  Look over my right shoulder at the view

 One can even see other Mountains in the distance.  Big Country:)

 Unknown history on this crude building

 Back at our campsite, thank goodness its time for foodies and I am ever so hungry.  

 Carne Asada on the grill with a little cast iron pot of beans

Fixings for the Carne Asada Burritos.
 (fender of horse trailer or counter top, same thing).

And of Course heating up the tortillas.

And this adventure was made possible by these little babies!

I love these little guys.  Tough little machines:)

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