My Turn for us: Hoo-rag
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


What's a Hoo-rag you say? 
  Here's a big hint:)

and another

and another

and again??

And I could go on, LOL!
What FUN!

You are lucky I didn't subject you to the headband photo recreating my look in the 70's!
 (my teen years) 

I received this  Hoo-rag bandana and I am so lucky that it was not the Camo or Black one or you would be viewing pictures of my Sweet Hubby wearing them.
 (oh yes he is totally ordering him a couple as we speak)

Groovy Hoo-rag
Yes, that's its name:)

Hoo-rags are a new type of tubular bandana that's used by fitness junkies all over the world
and by mature retired ladies that love riding four wheelers!

It's easy to use and can be worn a bunch of different ways. It's one size fits all and is perfect for almost anyone who is into fitness both indoors and outdoors or if you just wanna look cool like me:)

Hoorags come in numerous colors and patterns, to view click here!

I bet these are the ones my Fellow is ordering right now:) 

Probable not this one but I would love it!

Business' or Teams can order custom brands and colors on Hoorags here!

Gotta go and catch my hubby so maybe I can include at least one of these in his order!

Totally sharing at these rocking parties!!