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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whittard Coffee Review

Everyone that really knows me will tell you that I do love my coffee!

And I am a little picky, OK a whole lot picky about my coffee:)) 

I love a smooth rich coffee but without that bitter flavor.  I was so excited to be able to try Whittard Coffee and they were so generous and send three great blends for review:)) 
 The first day we tried the San Agustin Columbia coffee  (which turned out to be my favorite of the three).   This coffee is known for its silken, aromatic flavor.  Its a medium bodied coffee but with a rich complex taste:))  (Yes, instead of a wine snob, I am a coffee snob, LOL)  

We also tried Guatemalan Antigua Coffee which was a stronger coffee but with a rich almost chocolatey taste:)  Ok this almost became my favorite!

And the Santos and Java blend was the strongest of the three with a full bodied taste.  (This one absolutely passed my taste test)  It was really rich but not bitter, just a great coffee!

Whittard is also known for their tea!  They have over 130 varieties of teas,  from some of their time-honored teas, to some of the worlds rarest teas:)   They offer tea in Loose Tea, Loose Tea Pouches, or Tea Bags.  I also found the sweetest Tea Gift Packages:)

I would love to try some of their teas in these Blue Chintz Tea Set!  What little girl didn't have the most awesome tea parties and would love to do it again!  This girl would!!!

When you get a chance, hop over to Whittard and browse:)  You will not be disappointed!!


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  2. Love a good coffee, have never heard of Whittard, will have to check it out!

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