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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tagg Pet Tracker Review and Coupon Code

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Remember our hard working, sweet little Border Collie, Foxy?

She is the reason I was so excited to learn about the

As most of you know, we are traveling often and Foxy is our constant companion.  We would just be devastated if she wandered off and we lost her so far away from her home.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is the perfect solution for our peace of mind!

What is The Tagg Pet Tracker
  I am so glad you asked!!

It is an awesome little clip that comfortably attaches to your pet's collar and uses GPS to locate and track your pet's location and activity.
You are able to set up a Tagg zone so if your  pet wanders outside the zone, you will be notified via text message or/and email.

Foxy doesn't even notice it is there since it is so lightweight and it is also water resistant just in case she decides to go for a light swim:)) 

The Tagg Pet Tracker also tracks both the duration and intensity of Foxy's activity every day.  Foxy has Pancreatitis and diet and exercise are the absolute best preventive measures to prevent future episodes.  The Tagg Pet Tracker helps me to insure our Foxy is getting the proper amount of exercise daily. 

One of the most amazing features of the Tagg Pet Tracker is the mobile App.    It was simple and free to download on my Iphone and it lets me know exactly where Foxy is and if she leaves her home area.

See here is Foxy being a very good girl and staying at home on our Farm. 
 (screen shot of this awesome little app)

But uh oh, she is out and about away from the Farm.
(I receive a text message and an email alert)

And now I am able to see exactly where my Foxy is located on this awesome little App!   (The gray circle is the home Farm and the little orange and white doggie footprint is where she has wandered). 
   See how totally awesome this Tagg Pet Tracker really is!

 I am just loving this system!
   My son is also very interested in this Tagg Pet Tracker since he has a Black and Tan Hound Dog,  little Miss Sadie. 

Hound dogs always seems to have their noses working and when they find a great scent, they are off and running.  And I have noticed with Miss Sadie that she almost becomes deaf when the scent is strong and there is no calling her off the trail.  What a perfect way to track this natural little Hound Dog tracker:))  
Oh yes Miss Sadie, I can always find you now in those big woods!! 

 This Tagg Pet Tracker gives me peace of mind for the safety of our sweet Foxy.   She also has one of those micro chips and they are fine but only if she is located and scanned by either a vet or an animal control officer.  
The Tagg Pet Tracker is controlled by us and as you can see she can be safely located very quickly.  

Special Savings!!
 Using the discount code TAGG10 you can save 10% off of a Tagg Pet Tracker. 
(The Tagg Pet Tracker is normally $99 with 3 months of free service).

Tagg system includes your
 Tagg Tracker with a long lasting battery
Tagg Docking Station
AC adapter/USB cable
Collar Clips and Straps

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  1. I'll have to look into this. We have a pup that is a bit of a wanderer. She always comes home, but when she feels like it...sometimes an hour or two later. It drives me nuts. She actually hasn't done it in a while, but I never know when she is going to pull a disappearing act.


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