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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Man in the Moon

I was always told to look at the Man in the Moon!

I could never see a Man in the Moon

Do you see the Man in the Moon??


  1. Awesome pics, Evelyn ! Now I have that "Man In the Moon" song in my head ;-) {love the song, btw!}

  2. Great photos sweetie. I don't think I have ever looked for the man on the moon, But I certainly love a moonlight drive or a moonlight picnic. xo

  3. I'm jealous that you were able to get such great moon photos! That's hard to do!

  4. I do actually! Look at about 2 o'clock and you can make out a face. (btw, my grandmother also taught me to look for shapes in the clouds, a game I still play!)

  5. I used to try and try to find the man when I was a kid...but I always saw a rabbit! Lol...beautiful pics!


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