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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review-Jimmy Olsen

I received the books Poison Makers, Things in a Ditch and The Hero of Blind Pig Island for review from Jimmy Olson.   This review is 100% my own opinion.

Since I was very young, I have enjoyed reading mystery novels.   I started with the classic Nancy Drew Mysteries and continued with the Hardy Boys and Perry Mason.   I still read crime mysteries and have my favorite line up of authors and am always open to meeting other authors.
Jimmy Olsen is a writer that creates characters that are fascinating and intriguing.   His stories are exciting and certainly not predictable.    So far I have read three of his books.

The first book Poison Makers was set in the Caribbean in the 1970's and the character EJ was introduced.  A man that is not perfect but is trying to live his life by his own rules meanwhile earn a living at what he does best.  The story begins with the mysterious death of the U.S Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and EJ is hired to investigate.  The list of characters include the Ambassador's rebellious daughter, a sassy maid and EJ's best friend, a crooked cop.  This story dives into the world of Zombies! Yes, Zombies!  Normally I am not a fan of black magic but I was spellbound (pun intended) in the tangled web of exotic voodoo in this mystery.

Things in Ditches contains unexpected turns of events right down to the ending! A murder mystery of unexplained motives and comical characters. It was so much fun to meet a cast of small town/county characters in Minnesota that are normally reserved for those small Southern towns. I was unable to put the book down, continuing to turn each page to learn what happens next and the element of danger stayed until the end. Only thing I can say is you just have to meet the character Ervin Wertz aka "Walleye", who throws the whole investigation for an loop! Can you laugh in the middle of a murder mystery? Yes, you can and I did!!

The book, The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Other Island stories is a collection of stories set in the islands of the Caribbean all the way up to a deserted island on the  Canadian Border.  My favorite short story in this collection was "The Hero of Blind Pig Island. It tells the tale how a old man and a young boy outsmart a bully!  Classic and fun.   These stores leave you wanting more and hopefully Jimmy Olsen will grab some of these stories and write a complete novel from any one or all of them. 

Jimmy Olsen didn't start writing fiction until the age of 40 and he has worked as an English teacher, newspaper reporter, editor and photographer.   He was a machine gunner in Vietnam and completed two tours before settling down and marrying.  He began scuba diving at the age of 13 and continues today and when he lived in Dominican Republic he started that nation's first scuba instructor school.  Olsen and a small group of adventurers discovered the site of the French Man-O-War Imperial and several other vessels
  He has spent much of his life seeking adventure.   

I have enjoyed reading the works of Jimmy Olsen and he is a writer that I will continue to follow. I have heard he is in the middle of writing a book about Vietnam and  I will be waiting and watching for that one!  
And I believe he mentioned his next book soon to be published,

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  1. Interesting! These sound like good books! I've never read anything by Jimmy Olsen before.

  2. Have to check if there is translated any - I believe Olsen is new acquaintance for me.

  3. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. I've never heard of this author before, but the books do sound like fun reads.

  5. I don't read as much as I would like but these sound fascinating!

  6. I don't read much mystery anymore, I'm more romance but the third book sounds very interesting. I might have to add it to my must read list.

  7. Thanks for sharing, I need a nice warm beach to lie back and read on!

  8. I love mysteries and all of these sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Awesome!! Isaac is the reader at our house - I'll have to check them out for him!

  10. I think I would like this author~thanks for sharing! Like you, I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys too (and Agatha Christie and The 3 Investigators). Have a great week:)


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