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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Basics on the top 6 Social Media Sites

Using social media to promote your blog or website is a must!  This is free advertisement just for the taking!  There are basically 6 different social media sites you should have associated with your blog or website.    I will touch on them briefly at this time.
 Remember this is just the basics!

 1.     Facebook- I have placed this in the number one slot for a reason.  Facebook is the number one social media that most people have,  thus the possibility of reaching more people.   Facebook is ever changing but with patience and diligence you can make it work for you.   As with all your social media, have your brand on your header, and your profile picture or logo should be the same as your website/blog profile picture and the name of your page should be the same as your website/blog.   In your "About"  remember to have your website/blog link and your business/blog email address.   On Facebook you have the option of adding Aps as a link to your other social media accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter etc.   For more on setting up and managing your page-    Basic Page Information from Facebook       
There are controversies on how much content to share and how to get the most interaction on Facebook, but whatever you decide, be consistent.    Be giving and Facebook will be more giving to you, share not only your own links but others that fit your theme or would appeal to the readers you are trying to engage.    Ask fun questions about your readers that they will enjoy responding such as- "What are you having for dinner tonight?" or "What is the temperature where you are?".    Everyone likes to talk about themselves so give them an opportunity which is a win win for you, because more engagement on your Facebook Page the more Facebook allows your reach to be.    You can schedule your day's or months worth of content right on your Facebook page.

               2.  Pinterest-  I have placed this second because even people that don't have a page know someone that has a page and know that its a search site for great ideas.
Set up a business page or if you currently have a page, you can change it to a business page without losing any of your current followers.  Make the name of your page the same as your website/blog if possible.    See all the how-to's from the Pinterest Help Center-  Set up your business account on Pinterest.    Make your profile picture the same as your profile on your blog or website, also have the link to your blog/website in your header.
Create your boards that would be interesting and would appeal to your targeted group, such as food boards if you are a food blogger etc.   As with Facebook, there is controversy on how much to share aka "Pin".  You don't wish to burn up the airways with nothing but your pins but you need to show you are very active and engaged with Pinterest.  So Pin often and  Pin content from everyone that might be of interest to your followers and to the readers you are trying to engage.
On your website/blog pin pictures that are are clear and bright, vertical pictures are the best!

             3.  Twitter-  As before, your profile picture should match your website/blog.   Twitter has now changed so there is space for a nice header along with your profile picture.   And jump on board, tweet often,  a tweet has the life span of about 20 minutes so I don't believe there is any way you can overtweet!    There is also room in your profile to add your website/link and use hashtags.    For additional information and to set up your page visit the Twitter Help Center
   Use free services such as "Buffer" to schedule tweets or Swayy to find more content to tweet.    Attend a Twitter Party!  (see below)

            4.   Google+ - If you have a gmail account you have a google plus profile page.  Again add your header and profile picture to match your website/blog.  You may have a personal page and a business page at the same time which is advisable.  All your content needs to be shared on these sites!!  This enables Google to find you and your content easier.  It is also another great place to interact with followers and other bloggers and share their posts. Anything you share from someone else, "plus" them, its a great way to "tag" then and let them know that you shared their content. The more you share, the more the possibility others will share your posts. I have noticed the more I share, the more follows I acquire and thus more interaction.  If Google+ is ignored, it will ignore you.  Use hashtags. For Help and more information visit  Google Help     Attend a Google Hangout!! See below for a great one:)

         5. Instagram-  Instagram is growing its reach every day.  Its a social media site that you can quickly upload a picture, add a quick comment or not, hashtag it and post!!  Quick and easy, its an App on your phone so you can share on the go.   Use hashtags!  And I just recently learned you can add up to 30 hashtags!  Not to worry, you can go back and add some of these to the comment section a day or two later to boost your shared content.   Remember use the same profile picture and add a link to your website/blog in your bio.  For additional information visit Instagram Help Center.

6.     Stumbleupon-  I am not an expert with Stumbleupon.  I just recently jumped on board but all the response is very very positive on its ability to drive traffic to your site.   So I recommend you do not delay but set up your account and learn all about the rules.  Stumbleupon frowns on you only adding and stumbling your own posts, you must share others and stumble others almost on a 15-1 basis!   So be warned you must play fair and share;))
Learn all about it here at Stumbleupon New User Guide

This is just the bare bones basics on what I believe are the top 6 social media sites that help promote your website/blog.    These are all free but it does take time to promote on each of them.  There are ways to link them so what you share on one it will share on the others by using such programs as IFTTT!   

Stay informed by connecting with other bloggers in your niche using social media such as Facebook Groups, Twitter Parties, Google+ Hangouts and attend classes, on or off line.   Connect with them often!

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  1. Thanks very much for that run through! Clarified some points for me and am grateful for your input!

  2. I have such a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I think because it's something I constantly use in my everyday life, plus my blogging life, that I keep trying to figure it out. But I'm really liking instagram these days...I just wish they would allow clickable links in the comments!


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