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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Over a Dozen Healthier Recipes

After Valentines Day we usually begin thinking about those holiday pounds that we have been collecting since Halloween.  We also know that swim suit season will be upon us shortly and it's time to get into shape and lose some of that winter budge.    And it's never too late to eat a little healthier!

Since we need to lower those calories and carbs in our favorite dishes but refuse to give up all the flavors we love, we have to be creative.  
It can be done and we have been successful!  
We hope you enjoy some of our favorite lower calorie and/or lower carb dishes that we enjoy on the Ranch.   


  1. I definitely need to get back on track! I've been so bad lately!

  2. Any recipe that will reduce fat and salt is always good for our health, as hubby had heart surgery in Jan and we really have to make additional changes. Im checking out the turkey meatballs, mine always seem dry.
    Thanks for these ideas.
    Happy cooking, Karren

  3. Thanks so much for another wonderful party.


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