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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chive Blossoms

Just because I can't wait till Spring, I am sharing last years chive blossoms out of my herb garden!  
 I am so ready to start spring planting!
How about you?  Do you have a herb garden?  
 It's so much cheaper than buying those precut fresh herbs!!  
 All you need is a little planter box and grab some of your favorite herb plants,  plant them in either a planter box or they can be set up in pots.  Place your herbs in a sunny window or right outside your kitchen door and then start adding all fresh herbs to your favorite dishes!!

I have always been taught that all planting is done on Good Friday.   When do you plant your garden or herb garden?


  1. Chive blossoms are so pretty! I love herb gardens!

  2. If Good Friday were moved to June 3, then yes, all our planting would be done. :-) I love chive blossoms and like to decorate a potato salad with them.


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