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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ranch Dreams

How do you start to explain exactly what something means to you?  I'm not sure but I'll try.
 These Gates represent such an achievement for my sweet hubby and I.  Behind these Gates lay so many of our dreams and hopes and yes our accomplishments. We have arrived at the destination where we can fulfill our dreams and obtain that one spot in this world that is safe and we can be free.  It's not a huge spot, only about 160 acres but it's ours!  Its the playground for our children and grandchildren where they can hunt and fish, go on adventures and ride 4 wheelers without any intervention from the outside world.   Where they can take a break from this crazy world, where there is no time clock nor schedules and if you ask our grandchildren, no rules!!  Oh yes cake for breakfast, absolutely!!   Where there is always cookies in the biscotti jar, where there is always bait in the freezer and plenty of stones to skip across the dirt tanks (ponds).   
And where the hubby and I can do exactly what we wish each and every day. 

This is the location we will return to after our travels.  No we are not planning to be hermits, we still wish to travel this gorgeous country but always knowing we see these gates upon our return.  

It's our peaceful place!


  1. Is that considered small Evelyn? Only 150 acres ( I almost choked ) I measure my property in feet LMHO
    It sounds heavenly to me though - you're very own slice of paradise !!!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Nothing like a peaceful spot to come home to. Enjoy!


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