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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Easy ways to Decorate for Fall in your home

I never really decorate for only Fall. I usually start with Halloween decorations and then they are revised into a Thanksgiving theme.

For instance, my bar between the kitchen and dinning area has a array of fall decor with a few little trick or treaters thrown in.

These little guys will be replaced with Pilgrims, Indians and turkeys after Halloween.  

I love these little kids!   The Dracula in the left rear is a McNugget toy that I have had forever and I love him!

Two more McNugget toys, a little witch and silly pumpkin head!  I guess one of these days, I should get some "grown up" decorations but na, not me. 

I do have some grown up decorations, kinda.   My entry way table has loads of leaves and other fun Fall nature items.  One thing about Fall is that it's easy to decorate, scatter some leaves and other fall debris, and there you go! Fall has exploded!  

Years ago, I painted so many of these little acorns. I bought plain wood acorns and blended a couple paints then followed up with a clear coat.   They have lasted forever and I can't image Halloween or Thanksgiving without them.
When my son was little, he would turn them over and spin them like little tops.  
Yep, spinning acorns all over the table! 

Ok back to the front door decoration. 

Remember last week I shared my Halloween Witch Barb Wire Wreaths on the front gates with the bright sprays of Fall leaves? 

 I had a couple sprays of Fall Leaves left over so I decided to use them for a Fall front door decoration.    I wired them together at the bottom, added a few Dollar Store Acorns and tied a simple burlap ribbon bow.  
Easy, quick and just gorgeous!  

Notice how large these acorns are?  I love them here but when I bought them, they were in the same bag with the little gourds and pumpkins.
  So are acorns the same size as gourds and pumpkins in Dollar Store land?  

 Happy Fall Ya'll

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  1. I love the candle holder with the corn and beans. That's a great idea and one I'm going to take with me. I just got some corn the other day. Thank you.


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