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Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Make Camp Fire Starters from Dryer Lint

Last week the grandsons came to visit us at the Ranch!   We really love seeing them and spending special time with them and doing such things as riding four wheelers, having them help us feed cattle, playing a few board games, making homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies and of course, building campfires!

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One of their favorite things to do is start a campfire in our outside cast iron stove or in our fire-pit.  They always want to have at least one night for hot dogs and s'mores!     I don't like to use lighter fluid or other flammable liquids to start our campfire, especially with a group of rambunctious boys involved.   So the youngest and I prepared by making some fire-starters from dryer lint!  Yep, dryer lint!     I know dryer lint kinda freaks me out also but then I remember it's clean, it just came out of the wash and it's only from our clothes, not really gross at all!   

Ok a little bit gross!   HA!   

I had been saving dryer lint and I purchased a block of wax (of course old candles could be used and are a great way to recycle those candles that have seen better days).   I also had saved a few cardboard egg cartons, not the plastic foam ones but cardboard.   

My grandson packed each little egg compartment with dryer lint.

And I melted the wax using a coffee can in a pot of water, a faux double boiler method.  

Sometimes metal coffee cans are hard to find and I've had this one for a while, but a tall metal juice can would also work very well.  I had cut an opening to allow easier pouring of the wax and I save this can to reuse for the next batch of fire-starters!  

We placed our egg cartons filled with dryer lint on foil to protect my counter tops and we carefully filled each dryer lint egg compartment with the melted wax, adding more if necessary.   We allowed them to cool completely and closed the lids for easy storage. 

Now we have our own little batch of fire-starters for all those summer nights of campfire fun!  

Just tear out one or two of the harden fire-starters and get those fires burning!   

Just light up the extra cardboard around the edges and add your wood. 

Now its time to pull out the s'more stuffs and enjoy our evening campfire!

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  1. We love having bonfires in the evening and this is such a great and easy idea!

  2. Great idea! I've used the lint before stuffed inside used paper towel and toilet paper rolls and that also works great but will definitely have to give this one a try. Thanks

  3. If you have a "Scentsy" type wax warmer for scented wax, use the wax from that after it lost its scent. Great way to use what would otherwise be thrown away.


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