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Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Drinks and Beverages

You have the perfect costumes, your menu of Halloween snacks has been decided (if not click here for some suggestions) but what are you going to serve as Halloween Beverages?   Even if you are not throwing a party and inviting guests over, it's always fun to have a special beverage or drink on that haunting night.  
   I know you probably want something that is ghoulish but maybe a little sexy, but don't forget the kiddos, you need something that will just delight those little goblins or princess' or.......    

I have thrown so many Halloween parties over the years, mainly birthday parties that have a definite Halloween theme, since my son was born right before Halloween.   We have experimented with bowls of punch, kid friendly cups of eerie delight and now that he is older, a variety of adult mixed beverages and drinks.   His favorite drinks always had ghoulish, gross or scary names and he loved to pretend he was eating or drinking something that was on the wild side.  He's still that way, he loves Halloween and all that comes with it.  He told me last week, he was planning on carving 10 pumpkins this year!  Yea, that's wild.   

I have thrown out the call for help from so many of my bloggy friends for their favorite Halloween beverages.    And boy, they came through for me!  
As you can see, this is a great collection of some of the most ghoulish, creepiest or sexiest beverages around.  It is a mixture of kid friendly and adult beverages and these beverages will tempt the imagination and delight the taste buds. They all have bewitching names to incite the fun and put an alluring spell on your festivities.  I'm sure you will find a favorite beverage or several favorite beverages that are perfect for whatever you have planned this year.     
  This is a collection my son will love as he is carving all those pumpkins!       

Bat's Brew

I Scream Halloween Floats

Don't Forget to Pin all these ghoulish Drinks! 

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