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Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Tricks or Treats

Halloween is my son's favorite holiday, maybe because he was born the day before and all his fond memories of birthday parties were Halloween themed.  His friends always came to his parties in costumes and we loved seeing all the little super heroes, villains and goblins.      Isn't that what we enjoy about Halloween, becoming something or someone else for a day?   I have always said a day is just a day unless you make it a special day.  
 We enjoy putting so much thought and work on our children's costumes or on our own costumes and the planning and searching for just the perfect prop is such a fun adventure. 
 It's part of the joy of Halloween, the complete package! 
And to complete our enjoyment of this fun holiday, shouldn't we have special treats, something that is not only fun to make, but fun to eat?  You know kinda like turning your food into halloween decorations.   
Treats that are a little tricky!

 Treats are always so important for a fun halloween party, you know where we take normal little snacks and put a scary or a gross spin on them.  Even if you are not planning a halloween party, it's always fun to have that special dinner or a special scary treat to celebrate what is, just a fun holiday.  And if you are like my son, the grosser the better!    I have saved you some extra time for your Halloween fun and am bringing you some of your favorite blogger's Halloween tricky treats.   This is a fun collection of treats that are a little tricky and a little bit gross but delicious and  loads of fun!   Just like my son always was, the tricky little brother to two older sisters and he loved scary and gross but was always fun!  Just in case you were wondering, he hasn't changed a bit, even though he is grown and married, tricks and treats are his forte!       

Happy Halloween!!

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