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Sunday, July 9, 2017

55 of the Best Fresh Basil Recipes

About this time of the summer, our herb garden is producing almost more than we can use and since it's mainly made up of basil, we have basil, basil, and more basil.   
 Which is not something the hubby and I are complaining about. We have a basil addiction, yeah, it's real and it's big, very big! 
So we are happy to compile this list of 55 of the Best Fresh Basil Recipes for your and our enjoyment. 

We are out in the garden daily harvesting our basil and loving it!   We are always on the lookout for new and different recipes for fresh basil.    And we just know we are not alone in our love of basil, we know there are more basil addicts out there.   

So we sent the call out and our blogger friends responded with some of the best recipes for fresh basil.     

Below you will find quiche recipes with basil, basil enhanced soups and salads, even beverages flavored with basil and loads of basil sauces, pestos, and pasta blends.  

 There are enough recipes here to get us through a basil filled summer and to satisfy all of our basil cravings.   We are looking forward to working our way through all these recipes,  and I'm sure we will try several of them more than once.  

What about you, what is your favorite way to enjoy fresh basil?        


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