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Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium

My sweet hubby and I attended the 2011 Cowboy Symposium and Chuck Wagon cook off at Ruidoza Downs in Ruidoza New Mexico.  What an event!  It was three full days of chuck wagon cooking, county music, dutch oven demonstrations, western arts and crafts.  We attended a Mel Tillis Concert and Mel did an amazing job along with the Texas Playboys.  This happens every year in October so if anyone gets a chance, make plans to go.
This little wagon that is pulled behind the bigger Chuck wagon is called a “hoodlum”
Just setting up camp!
Everything on the wagon is authentic and each camp is judged and awarded points for each item such as ax, water barrel, tools, bedrolls and even shaving items of the era.
One of the Chuck Wagon Trucks for the All American Chuck Wagon Truck Race.
 Model TT Ford Truck Chuck Wagon
Pressure Cooker!
I am so glad I have my own kitchen. This is fun to visit but had to have been hard work, very hard.

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Kenya G. Johnson

Thursday 24th of May 2012

Wow, there was a lot of work involved there. Who felt like cooking after unloading?


Thursday 24th of May 2012

Hahaha! Exactly! I am so glad I have my modern kitchen. This was a fun place to visit but.....