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DIY Firestarter

Make a simple DIY Firestarter or homemade firelighters from simple household items.  The best way on how to start a fire without kindling is to use one of these campfire starters.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
0 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 1 carton
Author Evelyn
Cost $2


  • Metal Coffee Can or Large Metal Juice can for melting wax
  • Or a candle making pitcher



  • Pack each little egg compartment of the egg carton with plenty of dryer lint.
  • Cut a small opening in a large metal coffee can to allow easier pouring of the wax. Sometimes metal coffee cans are hard to find but a tall metal juice can also work very well.
  • Melt the wax using the old coffee can or metal juice can in a pot of water, a faux double boiler method.  Or a candle making metal pitcher
  • Cover your workspace with aluminum foil to protect your countertops. Place the egg cartons filled with lint on the foil. Carefully pour the melted wax into each egg compartment adding more if necessary.  
  • Allow them to cool completely and close the lids for easy storage.
  • When you are ready to light a campfire, tear off one or two of the DIY firestarters and Light the edges of the extra cardboard around the edges, Add wood chips, twigs and smaller logs and as the fire grows add larger pieces of wood