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What’s the difference between instant pot and slow cooker

Instant Pot vs Slow Cooker-What’s the difference between instant pot and slow cooker and which is right for you?  And which slow cooker and instant pot sizes are right for your family or dish?


instant pot vs slow cooker, difference between instant pot and slow cooker

Let’s be honest – finding time to cook a healthy meal can be tough, if not downright impossible some days. When things get busy or life gets stressful, the last thing many of us want to do is spend time in the kitchen. Thankfully, there are ways to make the cooking process easier, thanks to the help of some great gadgets.


There are lots of devices out there to make life easy in the kitchen. From stand mixers and microwaves to grilled cheese makers and cake pop machines, we’ve found just about every shortcut in the book, and some are more helpful than others.


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Historically, the go-to time-saving kitchen device of choice was the slow cooker, but recently, the Instant Pot has risen to the top of the must-have gadget list for busy home cooks around the world, but not this little countertop device looks suspiciously like a slow cooker, but rest assured, they’re quite different.

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What are Slow Cooker and Instant Pot Sizes?

Both slow cookers and instant pots can be purchased in different sizes so you can choose what is right for your family.


Slow Cooker Sizes:

  1.  Mini slow cooker .65 quart
  2.  Crock Pot- 1 1/2 quart
  3.   Slow Cooker – 2 quart
  4.   Crock Pot – 3 quart
  5.   Slow Cooker – 4 quart
  6.   Crockpot – 5 quart
  7.  Cook and Carry slow Cooker– 6 quart
  8.   Crock Pot – 7 quart- (this is the one shown)
  9.   Programable Slow Cooker


Instant pot Sizes:

  1. Programable Multi Cooker Instant Pot- 2.5 quart
  2.  Mini Instant Pot- 3 quart 
  3.  Instant Pot Multi cooker- 5 quart
  4.  Smart Wi-Fi Instant Pot- 6 quart 
  5.  Instant Pot Ultra- 8 quart



Difference between instant pot and slow cooker:



Instant Pot vs Slow Cooker


First, they offer dramatically different cook times. As the name indicates, a slow cooker is good for cooking something slowly. While there are some simple dips and recipes that can come together in around two hours, most slow cooker recipes call for anywhere from 4 – 10 hours of cook time.



instant pot sizes


On the other hand, you can use an Instant Pot to pull together dinner in far less time. That’s because the Instant Pot functions as a pressure cooker. By applying high heat and pressure, this helpful device can transform tough cuts of meat into tender, juicy dinners in under an hour – something a slow cooker would take significantly longer to do.


difference between instant pot and slow cooker


Aside from the cook time, Instant Pots have a lot more functionality than your average slow cooker. Most slow cookers offer two temperatures – high and low. Some are equipped with a timer function to let you delay its start or switch the temperature mode to warm mode once your dish is ready. That’s about it! You won’t find too many other bells and whistles, and frankly, you don’t need them. A slow cooker’s job is to, well, cook things slowly – and it’s very good at that.


Instant Pot sizes


Instant Pots, on the other hand, is designed to be versatile. You can use it to slow-cook foods, but you can also use it to steam, saute, and, of course, pressure cook – the Instant Pot’s biggest feature. Your Instant Pot can make everything from perfect fluffy white rice to homemade yogurt, stews, and roasts.

Instant Pot vs Slow Cooker:



The final big difference between the Instant Pot and a slow cooker? The price. Most slow cookers sell for between $25 and $50, whereas the most basic Instant Pot model usually starts around $70. If you’re hesitant to make the investment into an Instant Pot, a slow cooker can make an excellent – and affordable –  addition to your kitchen.




Which one is right for you and your family? Whether you opt for an Instant Pot or a slow cooker, you’ll find you’ll save time and energy in the kitchen, giving you more to spend on the things that matter!


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