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20 of the Best Scrumptious Campfire desserts

Over 20 camping desserts including dutch oven desserts, campfire desserts in foil and other family favorites.   Also, scroll to the bottom to download our camping checklist printable to help ensure a great camping experience. 

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It seems like everything tastes better cooked over a campfire, not sure if it’s all the fresh air or the primitive love of an open fire.   Either way, cooking outside is a definite part of the camping experience.   You don’t have to be all fancy but it’s always fun to try a few new camping desserts and other recipes. 



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So whether you are a fan of plain S’mores or you wish to make history with a few new dutch oven desserts or fancy camping desserts, we are with ya!    A camping trip is so much more amazing with all these sweets!  And we have 20 mouthwatering ones to share with you today.  

But before you set out on your trip,  you will be glad to have a few of these DIY Campfire Starters using recycled materials on hand.  Also, check our suggestions for Easy Camping Meals and our list of Camping Breakfast ideas for your trip.     


Happy Camping Folks!  



Campfire Desserts in Foil:

campfire desserts in foilMake delicious  Campfire Cones –  by Princess Pinky Girl to shake up your s’mores routine.   These amazing cones are a less messy alternative.  




campfire desserts in foil, camping dessertsThis  Foil Pack Peach Crumble –  by Fit Foodie Finds is a camping dessert that you might not wait till you go camping to try.  



campfire desserts in foilSet up a dessert bar and let everyone make their own Grilled Banana Dessert – by Home Cooking Memories.   Set out jars of goodies so that everyone can make their own individual special treat. 




camping desserts, campfire dessertsWe are drooling over these flavors of caramel and apple in these Caramel Apple Crumble Foil Packs – Averie Cooks.    Who doesn’t love a caramel and apple dessert and the easy cleanup of campfire desserts in foil?  




Camping desserts in foilThese Campfire Baked Apples – by Family Spice can be wrapped in foil or in a cast iron oven. 



Dutch Oven Desserts:



dutch oven desserts


Make this easy 3-Ingredient Blackberry Campfire Cobbler by Mid-Life Healthy Living for a delicious dessert over the campfire.  


dutch oven dessertFeed a crowd with this amazing Texas Peach Cobbler -by My Turn for Us.    It’s our most popular camping dessert! 




dutch oven dessertsYou need to make these Dutch Oven Cinnamon Nut Pull Aparts – by Tried and Tasty.  We are drooling just thinking these, I wonder if we could have them for breakfast also? 



dutch oven desserts

You may not be able to serve these Dutch Oven 7 Layer Brownies – Pulling Curls with ice cream at the campsite but you don’t need to.  These are amazing with or without! 


Dutch Oven dessertsDid you know that you can make a Campfire Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Family Spice right at your campsite?   This is one of our family favorite desserts, easy and impressive but simple enough the kids can help.  


Other Campfire Desserts:

campfire dessertsUse a Cast Iron Skillet to make this Ultimate Campfire Smores Dip – by The Flying Girl.   How easy is this campfire dessert?  




campfire dessertsNow, these  Woof ‘Ems – by Dessert Now Dinner Later are interesting camping desserts.  We have never heard of them but now we just have to try them.  These campfire desserts are like mini cobblers or pies.  The dough bowl is cooked by roasting it over the fire using Woof’em sticks and then filled with yummy goodness!    



camping dessertsWe all love s’ more variations and these Green Apple Smores – by Barefeet in the Kitchen sound so tempting.  Tart apple slices with creamy peanut butter with roasted marshmallows need to be on our camping checklist menu.  



campfire dessertsThis is one of the ultimate campfire desserts,  Campfire Eclairs – By The Many Little joys.   She explains how to roast the dough over the campfire and fills it with that creamy goodness that we love.  



campfire dessertsWe all love walking tacos and are loving this similar idea of  Smores in a Bag – by Thirty Handmade Days.  All those great flavors but with less mess.   



dutch oven dessertsThis Campfire Chocolate Monkey Bread – by Clean and Centsible is made in a Pie Iron right over the campfire.    And it’s simply made using a couple of prepared ingredients.   




campfire dessertsCould it be possible to have a fancy dessert in a cast-iron skillet over a campfire?  Yes, it is and here it is, a Campfire Skillet Pound Cake with Berries – by Taste and Tell that is easy and amazing! 




Here is another recipe using Pie Irons!  These Smores Pudgy Pies by Jelly Toast make like a toasted s’ more sandwich using cinnamon bread.   These are on our camping desserts gotta try list! 






campfire dessertsNow these Chocolate and Peanut Butter Campfire Burritos – by Goodness Gracious are calling my name!  All that gooey goodness in a warm tortilla is a win-win in our line up of camping desserts!