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20 of the Best Scrumptious Campfire desserts

Over 20 camping desserts including dutch oven desserts, campfire desserts in foil and other family favorites.   Also, scroll to the bottom to download our camping checklist printable to help ensure a great camping experience. 

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It seems like everything tastes better cooked over a campfire, not sure if it’s all the fresh air or the primitive love of an open fire.   Either way, cooking outside is a definite part of the camping experience.   You don’t have to be all fancy but it’s always fun to try a few new camping desserts and other recipes. 


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So whether you are a fan of plain S’mores or you wish to make history with a few new dutch oven desserts or fancy camping desserts, we are with ya!    A camping trip is so much more amazing with all these sweets!  And we have 20 mouthwatering ones to share with you today.


But before you set out on your trip,  you will be glad to have a few of these DIY Campfire Starters using recycled materials on hand.  Also, check our suggestions for Easy Camping Meals and our list of Camping Breakfast ideas for your trip.     


Happy Camping Folks!  


Campfire Desserts in Foil:

Make these easy Foil Desserts over the campfire

Dutch Oven Desserts

Dutch oven desserts for your camping trip

Other Campfire Desserts

Campfire desserts that we know you will love




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