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Tempting Texas Water Adventures

Looking for places for Texas River Tubing or floating down the river?   See these Guadalupe river Floats, Frio River Tubing, and other rivers perfect for a day on the water.   Also, if you are in search of places for Texas scuba diving, Parasailing, or White water rafting in Texas, we have you covered. 


Texas River Tubing, Texas scuba diving, Guadalupe river Float, floating down the river #Frio River Tubing

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When temperatures reach into the 90s and 100s, does anything beat spending a day in the water?   With more than 80,000 miles of rivers and streams in Texas, there are tons of places where you can dip your toes to cool off.   And in addition to excellent tubing areas for floating down the rivers, Texas is home to many other outstanding water adventures.   

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Now let’s take a look at a few of the top places for water enthusiasts seeking more thrilling water adventures.    These include Texas River Tubing,  parasailing, white water rafting, and Texas scuba diving.    We know you will find that there is plenty to do along the waterways and beaches of Texas. 


Texas River Tubing (floating down the river)

Nothing seems to beat tubing down a river or stream with friends.  A favorite among Texans, the state is home to several rivers perfect for tubing ((floating downstream in an inflated inner tube).    And while Texas rivers are perfect for tubing, they also offer great opportunities to kayak or raft. 


Texas River Tubing, Guadalupe river Float, floating down the river, Frio River Tubing

For people seeking a truly secluded tubing experience, look no further than the Frio River. (Spanish for “cold).   The Frio is a spring-fed river surrounded by trees and tall bluffs casting shade on the water, adding to the cooler temperatures.   

Here, you’re likely to find people just looking for an opportunity to enjoy a quiet float down the river’s 47 miles of recreational water.         The Frio eventually flows into the Nueces River.    Check out   Josh’s Frio River Outfitter that rents tubes and will take you to and from the river for your Frio River Tubing trip.  


Guadalupe river Float


The Guadalupe River is the most popular river for tubing and is more than 200 miles long.   It runs from the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf of Mexico and provides some of the best Texas River Tubing.   But certain locations are the best for a Guadalupe River Float.    And the most popular launching spots for Guadalupe River Floats include Canyon Lake and New Braunfels.   Contact Tube Haus in Canyon Lake for prices for tubes which include entry into the river and shuttles.    Rocking R in New Braunfels has locations for both Comal and Guadalupe River Floats.  

Also the shortest river in Texas at about 2 1/2 miles long, the Comal flows into the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels.    And it also provides one of the best locations for tubing.  The float along the Comal River is relaxing and provides a view of nice scenery with trees lining parts of the shoreline.   One place to contact in New Braunsfels is Texas Tubes.     They are open 7 days a week and provide all you need to go floating down the Comal River.  


floating down the river


Fed by natural springs bubbling up in town, the San Marcos River offers a crisp and clean float experience.  Running 75 miles before it merges with the Guadalupe River, floating down the San Marcos may be one of the best tubing experiences in Texas. Enjoy the woods that line the river on either side that helps to create a serene environment for water enthusiasts while floating down the river.   Contact   San Marcus Tubing for information on floating down the river,  their tube rental and shuttle fees are fundraising projects of the San Marcus Lions Club. 


The South Llano River runs about 105 miles long, eventually flowing into the Colorado River.  This central Texas river, near Junction, provides an opportunity for floating down the river away from the larger, more popular rivers to the east.   South Llano River State Park is located along the river and is an excellent place to enjoy a river float.

Enjoy the view of the open skies, hills, and trees along the shoreline on this Texas river tubing experience.   Public places to enter the Llano River water include Castell Crossing, HR Seventh Heaven near Llano, Pete’s Pecan Patch near Junction, and a south Llano River site at County Road 150.   Or see this Water Sports River Map provided by Junction Chamber of Commerce for Texas river tubing on the Llano.


Parasailing In Texas:


Combine the best of flying a kite and skiing with a parasailing outing.   With a view of the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico available, Parasailing in the Gulf entices adventurers along the coastline from Corpus Christi to South Padre Island.


Texas Parasailing


In the Corpus Christi area, Port Aransas is home to Chute ‘Em Up Parasailing.   Take a trip and soar 200-300 feet above the water, with perfect views of the Gulf and Lydia Ann Channel.    Chute ‘Em Up flights take off from and land on the deck of the boat.   The 90-minute excursions can handle having three people fly at one time.   So, grab a buddy or two and head off to the Gulf.


parasail, Texas parasail


In South Padre Island, parasailing takes you to new heights as you fly up to 700 feet above the Gulf of Mexico.  And you will be able to take in an amazing view of marine life and the coast.      Parrot Eyes, with more than three decades of experience, takes flyers out to a landing dock where you take off and land during your excursion.    Parrot Eyes offers parasailing adventures for singles, duos, and trios.


Texas Parasail, parasail


While the Gulf may be best-known for parasailing in Texas, Canyon Lake begs to differ.    Canyon Lake Adventures in Canyon Lake takes flyers to 400 feet above the lake, giving you eagle-eye views of the Texas Hill Country.   The powerboat takes groups up to 12 people out to the lake where you safely launch from the deck. Following your flight, you’ll return to the boat’s deck.


White water rafting in Texas:

Surprising there are several places to enjoy rafting in Texas and author Steve Daniel has spent years kayaking both recognized and little-known streams and now provides a whitewater guide for those who seek adventure in the Lone Star state.
“Well-written and informative, Texas Whitewater is sure to become the “`bible’ for paddlers and for those coming to visit and explore” the state”


White Water Rafting In Texas


The Rio Grande provides a beautiful setting for white water rafting in Texas. With open canyons and tall bluffs creating narrow passageways, rafting the Rio Grande can be both scenic and challenging. 


White Water Rafting In Texas


Located along the border of southwest Texas and Mexico, the Rio Grande runs the gamut between calm waters and perfect white water rapids.     Spring is the best time for white water rafting, though you can find rapids between Class I and Class III along the river almost any season.


White Water Rafting In Texas


The Rio Grande can be navigable for beginners, as well as challenge the more experienced rafters. Big Bend National Park is a great place to explore the Rio Grande. With local outfitters such as Big Bend River Tours offering guided tours, safety is paramount for water adventurers.


Texas scuba diving:

Texas scuba diving


The Gulf of Mexico is among the best water to explore.  In South Padre Island, American Diving has hosted dive adventures for about 35 years.    Excursions take people on dives offering views of sunken boats and sea life.


Texas scuba diving


You don’t have to travel to the Gulf of Mexico for a scuba diving adventure.  The Texas Hill Country and other regions around the state offer excellent opportunities to explore lakes.   Check out Lake Travis, about 30 minutes northwest of Austin, for a scuba adventure.   View the fish among the boats buried along Wreck Alley as you dive up to depths of 100 feet or more.  Once the site of Shaker Plant, divers often encounter buried pecan trees and construction sites as they explore the lake.   Lake Travis Scuba provides transportation to a variety of dive sites on Lake Travis with their 30-foot pontoon boat customized for scuba diving.


Texas scuba diving


With possibly the clearest water available in Texas, divers love to explore Spring Lake in San Marcos.  Located at the headwater of the San Marcos River, the lake was created by wellsprings.  With a constant temperature of 72, Spring Lake provides a beautiful setting for divers to take in views of fish, plant life and other attractions.


Other Suggestions for Texas Water Adventures:



If you are seeking even more thrilling water adventures hire any of these Private Charters and try your hand at deep-sea fishing in the Gulf.  

Also as a water enthusiast, you might like to try boating or jet skiing on any of the numerous lakes around the state.   Or you can enjoy fishing in our many lakes and rivers where fish are abundant and the views are amazing.  


water adventures


You may decide to venture out swimming, laying back and floating down the river or flying kites along the beach.  Whatever your choice of water adventure, the Lone Star state has something for everyone.