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Top 5 of the Best Campgrounds in Texas

 Enjoy the best camping in Texas with many awesome places to pitch your tent or park your RV with these picks for 5 of the Best Campgrounds in Texas.

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Texas is a very diverse state as you can camp out in nature on the beach, in a forest, in the mountains, or on the plains and prairies. Whatever your camping heart desires, Texas can deliver.

Our goal today is to bring you a varied mix of great camping sites with our choices. Our Top 5 of the Best Campgrounds in Texas is just touching the surface of the great locations to enjoy the outdoors in Texas.


best camping in Texas


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See these Top 5 of the Best Campgrounds in Texas:

These were chosen to show the diversity of Texas Campgrounds.  We know these are just 5 of many of great campgrounds in Texas but we believe you will enjoy camping in Texas and find a campground of your choosing.

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Best Campground in Texas

Photo Courtesy of Indian Springs


1.    In Eastern Texas, check out Indian Springs Campground as it has everything you need whether you are tent camping or staying in the comfort of your RV. What is nice about this Texas Campground is that if you aren’t ready to plunge into the awesome world of sleeping outdoors, you can rent their Rustic Bunkhouse Cabins.   There is a spot for Group Camping if you want to bring the whole gang with you too.  They also have a special camp for disabled kids and vets! One of the best reasons to camp here is all the outdoor activities you can do from hiking and biking, fishing, swimming, or bring your ATV and hit the trails!


Best Campgrounds of Texas


2.   Close your eyes and image West Texas – vast open spaces and trails as far as the eye can see. Bring your horses, bikes, or hiking boots and get ready for a few days at Davis Mountains State Park. At night, look up at the wide-open sky and stargaze and see the twinkling lights as you’ve never seen them before. It is so peaceful, so beautiful, the perfect place to let your worries slip away. Stay in one of the campsites or at the historic Indian Lodge, a motel located within the state park.


Best Campgrounds of Texas


3.  When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Dallas, head to Ray Roberts Lake State Park. Not only can you camp out under the stars, but you can also geocache, take a hike or go backpacking, ride your mountain bike or your horse, or even rollerblade!    The best part is the pristine beaches where you can swim, kayak out into the beautiful water, or dip your pole into the pond or lake and go fishing. Bring your tent, RV, or stay at the Lone Star Lodge if you want some of the comforts of home. This Texas Lake is 29,000 acres – each acre is just waiting for you to explore and have your own outdoor adventure!


Best Campgrounds in Texas


4.   For experienced campers or those that want a truly unique experience, Big Thicket National Preserve delivers. It is only open to backcountry campers. That means there are no RV sites or designated camping sites – you make your own. What is so special about it is the incredible amount of plant and animal diversity that can be found in the nine ecosystems that converge together in Southeast Texas. There are hiking trails and waterways where you can kayak down to a sandbar to camp for the night. See carnivorous plants in the wild along the 40-miles of trails.  This National Preserve is like nothing you have ever seen before.


Best Campgrounds in Texas


5.   Step back in time at the Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway. This state park is in the Panhandle of Texas where wild bison still roam the plains. Bats roost in Clarity Tunnel and are quite the sight to see as they go off on their nightly hunt at dusk. Caprock Canyons offers hiking and biking, plus fishing, swimming, and no-wake boating on the 120-acre lake. What’s special about this campground is that they have equestrian campsites with corrals, plus RV and tenting sites. Make sure to bring enough water as it is limited on the 90+ miles of trails.


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