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How to make your Front Porch Amazingly Inviting

I’m a Front Porch kinda gal.  I love old wooden, shady front porches with rocking chairs, wooden tables, and a few bric-a-bracks.   A front porch that beckons one to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

Front Porch


We grew up in a time where everyone sat on their front porch after dinner.  Kids played in the neighborhood until the street lights came on and parents would talk quietly in the dusk.   My parents did and my grandparents did and now I do.

My mother was raised in rural Arkansas where my grandfather had a farm and lived in an old farmhouse without even running water.   He had money to install plumbing but he didn’t see a need because he had always lived without running water.   When we would visit the farm, we would sit outside on the front porch and my uncles and my mom’s cousins would tell big stories.  The adults would sit in rocking chairs or other comfortable durable chairs and we kids would sit on the steps and listen.   We got to know all those stories by heart.    And when I’m sitting outside I can still hear all those loving voices and hear all the laughter.   Maybe that’s why I love sitting outside in the evening on the front porch and looking out across the fields.


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View from the Front Porch


The front porch in the evening is a nostalgic time and place for me.  And I  wish to recreate that warm feeling for my grandchildren here on the Ranch.   Our front porch will look out across our front 60-acre pasture where the cows are grazing and the wind is blowing through the cottonwood trees.


I say will because our front porch is in the construction phase.  We are adding a 10′ by 73′ front porch by ourselves.  The hubby is pretty picky about the construction so he does things himself.  We are fortunate because we do work very well together and we are able to accomplish so much just the two of us.  Sometimes if you throw in another helper, we stumble.


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Sites we love to find Vintage and Farmhouse Decor 

  • Antique Farmhouse- is one of our favorite sites to look for decorations, furnishings, or items that bring on the nostalgia of country life.     And these can create the feel and personality of our front porch.
  • Decor Steals have daily specials, they call them “steals” of reproduced vintage items.      And We have purchased several items on there, it’s one of our favorite sites.   But remember if you see something you like, grab it because these items usually sell out quickly.  It’s a great site to visit to help with fulfilling the dream of an inviting front porch. 


As we are building, I am imagining how to decorate a porch that is inviting and enticing.  I know generally what I want but I decided to start scanning the internet for great ideas for front porches.


Front Porch Decorating Ideas Starts Now:


Amazingly Inviting Front Porches

I would love homemade signs like a wooden Welcome Sign or a witty sign that welcomes guests.  And they can either be purchased or homemade signs.  And I am searching for either hammocks or hammock chairs.   We would love to have several seating areas and maybe a dining area.    But of course, what would a front porch be without a porch swing?   To find some of our items, we have been cruising the Antique Farmhouse website for ideas.


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Monday 21st of June 2021

I remember doing the same on my grandpas porch. There is nothing like those memories its fun to pass it on.

Wanda McGuire

Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Evelyn, I love your story about growing up and listening to stories on the front porch. My grandmother lived in a similar fashion, an old raw bones house, no indoor plumbing, a well with a windless to get water... and the front porch. My grandfather was a gifted woodworker and had made a wonderful swing for the front porch. When I was young, I loved that swing and would sit out there for hours, watching the cars create dusts storms as they went down the unpaved country road. Sometimes my grandmother would could out and share the swing with me, wearing her apron over her house dress, and wiping her weathered hands from doing laundry. So many wonderful talks with my grandmother, with my aunts and my mom took place on that porch. I miss it dearly.


Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Oh, I just love stories like yours, Wanda! It makes my heart happy. This is exactly why we are trying to keep the front porch a major part of the grandkids coming to the Ranch.