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Top Haunted Houses in Texas you need to visit

If you live in the Lone Star State, you have quite a few choices for awesome Haunted Houses in Texas to visit.  But according to my research, these are the Top Haunted Houses in Texas.  You need to make plans to visit these Haunted Attractions in Texas for a frighting experience. 


Top Haunted Houses in Texas, haunted attractions in Texas


Halloween is almost upon us, my friends!  Do you have any plans to visit your area’s corn mazes, harvest festivals, or pumpkin patches?  How about haunted houses? If you haven’t visited any haunted attractions in Texas in preparation for Halloween in the past, you are missing out!  Visiting these top haunted houses in Texas are scary fun and might just become your new Halloween tradition!   


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Top Haunted Houses in Texas:


Scream Hollow

Located just 4 miles from the location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and featuring 3 different haunted houses (18 total terrifying buildings) on an expansive 20 acres each with a different theme, this haunted attraction is truly frightening.  Scream Hollow is full of terrifying adventures for the scream queen (or king) in you. You will scream, you will cry, you will face your worst fears and yet you will want to go back. Oh, and in case you needed any further convincing, Lionsgate ranked Scream Hollow as the #1 Haunted House in the Nation.  


Creepy Hollow Haunted House

f you are looking to be truly frightened this Halloween, then you need to take yourself to Creepy Hollow Haunted House.  Billed as a former facility for experimenting on wild hogs, it is now full of murderous creatures that will terrify you and keep you on your toes.  But don’t worry, as soon as you are free of the rabid monsters in the facility, you will run into humans right outside. These humans, however, have been contaminated by the runoff of the facility and are even more terrifying than the creatures inside.  Think you can handle it?


The Cutting Edge Haunted House

Do you think you have what it takes to make it out of The Cutting Edge alive?  What better place to feature a haunted house in Texas than an abandoned meat packing plant? Especially since this is now where they grind up humans and turn them into tasty treats.  This haunted house features a terrifying variety of frightening creatures so prepare to be scared, my friends. It’s also worth noting that this haunted house in Texas is the Guinness Book World Record Holder for 2 different records (World’s Largest Haunted Attraction and World’s Largest Walk-Through Haunted House).


The Terror Dome Haunted Houses

Are you brave enough to take on Houston’s scariest Halloween attraction?  A trip through the Houston Terror Dome is a truly terrifying experience. The Terror Dome is well known for its high-quality props that will leave you trying to guess what is real and what isn’t.  You will find yourself fighting for your life versus zombies, demons, and ghosts. If you have been to the Terror Dome before, don’t worry because they change this one up every single year!


Texas 13th floor haunted house

I’m sure you have heard about the 13th Floor, and if you haven’t you are in for a shock!  This haunted house features a burial ground, horrifying warlock, scary tunnels, and oh, did I mention the creepy basement where sufferers of horrifying experiments were held captive?  Yep, you will see it all. Prepare yourself to be the most scared you have ever been before attempting to visit the 13th floor.


kingwood purgatory haunted house in Texas 

Kingwood’s best kept secret, the former “Kingwood Asylum,” has evolved. It is now bigger and better with more thrills and chills than ever.  Purgatory Scream Park is THE place to go in Houston.

We’ve all heard terrifying tales of the dark secrets and scary things that happen within the walls of asylums, but have you ever actually been through one?  Now is your chance. If you aren’t properly terrified already, this will do it. The Kingwood Asylum will make sure that you are scared beyond any fear that you have ever felt before and then, just when you think you can relax, they will terrify you once again.  Watch out for the screams here, folks, because they come from true fear.  


House of Torment

If you are ready to be scared out of your mind, Austin’s House of Torment is the haunted house for you!  This award-winning haunted house offers up 3 different attractions that will leave you with nightmares, in the most thrilling of senses, of course.  If you are frightened by clowns, you may want to avoid this one, or jump right in, depending on how scared you really want to be (yes, yes I am hinting at sadistic, murderous, clowns).  You will also find frightening witches, evil beings and more really terrifying creatures, hell-bent on scaring you senseless.


oc Wilkes Haunted House of Horrors

If you are near Longview than you need to take yourself over to this House of Horrors which is the oldest, a still-operating haunted attraction in all of East Texas. This haunted house is full of terrifying features that are based on real-life events, which only adds to the terror.  Be sure and bring someone with you though, because you won’t want to do this one alone.


Texas Haunted house

We have touched on quite a few haunted attractions so far, but, according to locals, the Terror Nights Haunted House is the most terrifying haunted house in Texas.  With two different haunted attractions within it, Terror Nights is truly nightmarish. You can enter Chiseltooth Manor where you can try your luck against a murderous, torture-loving family, or you can head-on into the Nightmare Factory and fight off the deranged toy-maker.


haunted attractions in Tyler Texas

Thrillvania is no simple haunted house, it is a haunted, 50-acre, terrifying park.  That’s right. An entire 50-acre park dedicated to scaring you to a level that you have never been scared before.  Here you will come face to face with a maze of horrors and all that it holds, a psychotic werewolf hell-bent on experimenting on humans and so much more that will either leave you in tears or awaken fears you never realized you had.


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