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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Two

Funny thing about retirement.
After years of racing through life to reach a diffident finish line for that day, its so hard to work on a project without a time limit.  Basically I work on a project until I decide when to stop, (how awesome is that?)  I am trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the task instead of muscling through it.  If I could teach my children anything, it would be to slow down....  My eldest daughter, (who is an overachiever) believes that life is a race. Lol     I just spent three weeks with her and her family (she just delivered my second granddaughter) and she see tasks as challenges.  She looks at her day and sees a 10-15 minute slot and decides to accomplish a 20-30 minute task.  Of course she plays just as hard.  Her and her husband have an awesome social life along with year around tickets to Disneyland.   I am not criticizing her, she seems to thrive on this fast pace. And drives just the same!  LOL  Of course she was raised in Southern California, attended UCI, and has lived in the LA area ever since so she totally blends in with all the other California Drivers.  OK, where was I, oh yes,  my Fellow and I have a long list of tasks to accomplish before we can be free and travel full time.  I plan on slowing down and enjoying each and every one of them instead of racing through this part of my life to get to another part of life. Wish me luck, my daughter inherited that from somewhere.       hehehe

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