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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Barbie Tutu

I have spent this week crocheting Barbie Tutus for my granddaughter's  Barbies.  I will be sharing the instructions for this later today.  I love these and have become addicted to crocheting this week.  
This all came about when I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with my daughter and we started making Barbie swim suits. 
 Apparently swim suits are hard to find but after an extensive  online search I was able to locate instructions.  We decided to make a swim suit for each of Kimmie's barbies but we were unaware that she had 17  Barbies (Oh yes! 17).  We didn't think about the princesses  having to have one but we both decided it would be cruel  for each Barbie and/or princesses  to not be able to attend the Big Swim Party.  (my granddaughter has a new swimming pool for the Barbies).

  I am planning on making one more swimsuit and will write the instructions down so I will be able to post them also.  I am not an expert on reading crochet or knitting instructions so I do tweak them a little.  I did buy myself a Barbie in order to have a model to insure these fit and are little hands friendly. So far so good!

Update:   Click here for this pattern

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