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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cranberry Bourbon Chiller

This Cranberry Bourbon Chiller is a fun refreshing drink loaded with Christmas season flavors such as cloves, orange peel and cranberry! 

Have you seen all the different flavors of alcohol on the market?   There are so many different choices out there and if you are like us, we are constantly looking to try something new and serve something new. We love entertaining around the holidays and we wish to serve our guests something different, something they have never tried before or something that will stand out in a crowd.   

We have purchased several bottles of different flavored vodkas in the past for instance and even though we like them, we still have bottles and bottles of flavored vodka and they are pricey.  I knew there had to be a better way to shake up our cocktail selection without running a big bill at the beverage counter.     

Quite a few years ago I started infusing alcohol with certain flavors, I made a spicy vodka for Bloody Mary's that will knock your socks off, for instance.   And remembering those amazing Bloody Mary's, I decided to experiment with other alcohol.    I've always associated bourbon with a fire in the fireplace, you know sipping on two fingers of straight bourbon next to a roaring fire and looking out over snow covered fields.   Such a cozy warm feeling, legs extending to the fire, toes all warm and that little sip that spreads warmth all the way down to your tummy.  Oh yes!    

So for the winter holiday parties, I decided to shake it up a bit and infuse some bourbon, I used Jim Beam, a middle of the road bourbon that is milder and is very open to infusions.  And I needed a spice but I couldn't use powdered spices.   I went to my spice cabinet and pulled out the only two spices, that I buy whole, nutmeg and cloves.   Nutmeg might be ok, probably will try it someday but those little cloves are the direction I'm going today.  I remembered when as a child, we would push cloves into an orange and hang the flavored orange on the tree at Christmas.   And remembering trees, I thought of strings of cranberries.  Yay!    So these three flavors are Christmas to me and along with some bourbon, this just has to be a great Christmasy beverage.    

This infusion takes just a few minutes to prepare but it does need some time to infuse so start it about a week before your dinner party.       

Cranberry Bourbon Chiller

    For the Infused Bourbon
    • 8 whole cloves
    • The peel from 1/2 an orange
    • 1 cup smashed whole cranberries
    • bourbon.
    To Prepare Chiller
    • Infused bourbon
    • 7-up or sprite.
    • Fresh cranberries.
    Infused Bourbon
    1. In a large mason jar, add about 8 whole cloves, the peel from the 1/2 an orange and 1 cup of smashed whole cranberries.
    2. Fill up with your favorite bourbon.
    3. Screw on lid and let stand at room temperature for about 5 days. Shake well each day.
    4. Pour into another jar straining through a fine wire mesh strainer to remove the solids. May be stored in fridge for two months.
    To Prepare Chiller
    1. Add a shot (or two) of the infused bourbon to a tall glass filled with ice
    2. Add 7-up or sprite
    3. Garnish with fresh cranberries
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    1. How festive!

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    2. Awesome. Thanks for the recipe. Gonna try it!

    3. Looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

    4. Infused bourbon sounds great and easy!
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    7. Oh my I like this. It reminds me of an old time cherry bounce, infusing alcohol with fruit. Thank you for sharing, Evelyn. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

    8. I can do with a couple of liters right now ! Look delicious and refreshing !

    9. This would be perfect for when family stops by this holiday season!


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