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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rope or Hemp Bottomed Chair

See this sweet chair:) 
  It didn't look this way when I found it. In fact it was on the way to the garbage but I totally fell in love with it.   The hubby wasn't so sure about it but since he is a sweetie, he gave me the benefit of doubt and jumped on board to save this chair.

This is what it looked like

I know, sad huh.

The wood was so dry, West Texas is so very hard on wood furniture.   As soon as I cut off the woven seat of the chair, I pampered the chair by dousing all the wood in a great furniture oil.  

I purchased two rolls of this 1/4 inch hemp totaling 100 feet.

I begin by tying the the rope to the rear railing on the seat stringing it back and forth wrapping twice on each run.

Tie it off with a knot.   Start the horizontal weave by tying to the side rail and start weaving back and forth

Pull the horizontal weaves as tight as you can to the front as you weave.  My hubby made this little tool by using a metal rod and black electrical tape and it worked great to really pull those weaves tight.

Before tying off the rope wrap both sides to fill in the gaps on each side

Now this little chair is as sturdy as can be:))  The weave tighten up the entire frame!

Love it!!

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  1. That is amazing! Your chair looks adorable! My hubby brought home a little chair in about the same condition as yours was... I didn't think I could fix it, without paying a fortune to have it done by a pro ~ wonder if I could do this? Pinning and will let you know if I figure this out!

  2. Oh it turned out amazing Evelyn - LOVE it !!! ( don't think I could fix that as well as you did )

  3. I love it Evelyn! Such a sweet rescue :-)

  4. Nicely done! Something like that is perfect for sitting on a porch during the summer.

  5. I love how you upcylced that chair. You're really clever !

  6. Awww I love it! You did a beautiful job! Now you can enjoy it for years to come....


Thank you so much for your sweet comments:)))