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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Mother's Day Tea

This is a sponsored post written for Plum Deluxe Teas but all opinions are 100% my own.
My idea of a perfect start to Mother's Day is a lovely tea tray in bed!  Propped up in bed with a warm pot of a aromatic tea makes one feel so pampered and special.  Just to take the time to enjoy a special brew without getting out of bed is the perfect start to an amazing day.

I have just discovered a wonderful little tea company, PLUM DELUXE, that believes in making "Moments  that Matter" and I couldn't agree more!    
A day is just a day until you make it a special day and it's up to you to decide to do that.  
Mother's day is a special day but we have to make it so.  Even if I have no children in the house now to make my tea tray, I intend to have my tea tray for Mother's day morning.  
 My problem now is to choose between these two lovely tea blends from PLUM DELUXE!

Mindful Morning Black Tea

Afternoon "High Tea" white Tea

and they have several other tea blends you might also enjoy in their teashop!

I love these two tea blends, they are just so fresh and the smell and taste is just divine!    I can't decide which is my favorite but I do know that I love them both and can't wait to try others! 

Plum Deluxe purchases all ingredients for their teas from USDA Organic or Fair Trade certified Vendors.  Plum Deluxe teas have no sulfites, no artificial chemicals and are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and hand blended and infused with love from Portland Oregon. 

And if you wish to join in Living a Life you love, and Making Moments that matter then sign up for their newsletter,
The Plum Deluxe Blend.

Every Sunday Morning they deliver their handcrafted weekly mix of what they enjoyed this week and what they are looking forward to.  It would be perfect to read with a steaming cup of these lovely teas! 
And I just love to receive some positive news each week in my inbox, with suggestions  to live and enjoy my life to the fullest.  I noticed this week, one of the topics was their favorite 10 ways to commit random acts of kindness.

Mother's Day Gift Idea!!
I am sure your mother would enjoy (or you can treat yourself to) a membership to 
Plum Deluxe Tea of the Month Club!  
 Don't tell but we just purchased one for our MOM!!  We know she will love it and we love to pamper her with a gift that she will enjoy all year!  Special teas for one special lady!! 

And to quote Plum Deluxe,
"Plum Deluxe is here to help you decide what kinds of moments are important to you – in order for you to live a life you love. All of the free articles and resources available on Plum Deluxe are financially supported by our line of signature, organic tea blends – please consider making a purchase or gift purchase."

Other dishes that would look lovely on your tea tray:

Bacon, Cheese and Chive Scones


  1. All of these look fantastic! I love scones (and of course tea with them)! The tea blends look really delicious and I can imagine they smell as good as they look. Here's hoping for a Mother's Day gift like this!

  2. I'm so into loose leaf tea lately! My husband and I frequent the tea shop down the street and get the Almond Biscotti flavor, mmm!

  3. I am actually not a fan of tea, but those scones look amazing!! What a nice idea for Mothers Day, too!

  4. My mother is a big lover of tea. This would make a great gift.

  5. Aren't their teas wonderful? I just got the Sunshine in a Cup and Cuddle Time tea. I can't wait to try them and I'll be posting about them on too! I have a slight tea addiction. My drawer has over 20 varieties now. It's terrible. LOL But, I love it.

  6. I love the wood tray! The zucchini bread looks so good.It is by far, my favorite kind of bread. And I absolutely love a good homemade apple butter. I love putting it on everything: pancakes, toast, dunking my pretzels in it, great topped on some cream cheese, etc.

  7. I have to admit, I know little to nothing about yea but my husbands grandmother loves tea! I may need to use this info to send her a Mother's Day package! And the scone recipe looks AMAZING! I love scones

  8. Breakfast in bed with either of these blends would be the perfect start to any day.


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