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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Horseshoe Fairy Door

For the last year or so, I have been staring at a small stump in the back yard imagining how to turn it into a little fairy house.  I have all sorts of ideas (my mother would call them "brain storms") of how to make the perfect little magical garden around the stump.  But we have been so busy building a barn, repairing fences and all the other little (Not so little) chores around the ranch, I haven't had time to start on my sweet little fairy stump.   

As I was unpacking our St Patrick's decor, I came across the horseshoes I had painted gold last year and thought how they would make a perfect fairy doorway.  All the magic of gold and all the luck that a horseshoe represents would be a perfect frame for a magical entrance for my fairies!    

And of course my hubby was drawn into this project!   He stopped working with big ol' manly tools to help with this little door!   We went ahead and made two and will be sending one to our granddaughters so they can have a perfect residence for their little fairies:  

Horseshoe Fairy Door

Materials Needed:

2-   5/8 X 1 7/8 Decorative Hasps (see pictured below)
4-   small head screws (3/4 inch) 
      Gold painted horseshoe
      1/2 inch plywood
      Wood stain of choice
      Spray water seal such as "Thompson's"

      We purchased these at Lowes but I'm sure you can find them at most large hardware stores!

Lay the horseshoe on the 1/2 inch plywood and trace with a pencil. Using a straight edge draw a straight line closing the open end of the the horseshoe.


Use a jigsaw is to cut out your door shape.   Sand the edges and the surface of the door for a smoother finish.  

Apply your choice of stain and wipe off.   Apply a spray-on or a brush-on, water seal such as "Thompson" water seal  to protect the finish of this door from the weather. 

Each package of these hinges contain a hinge, a metal loop and several small nails.    

Place both hinges on the left side of the door adjusting the distance between them.  The large half (Fleur-de-lis)  of the hinge will be on the front of the door and the smaller half on the side

The horseshoe is screwed over the hinges and into the wooden door with small headed screws in the slots shown above.   It is very recommended to drill these screw holes first to prevent the wood door from cracking.


Fold the smaller part of the hinge to the side and nail.  Repeat with second hinge. 

These hinges are perfect since the "metal loop" of the hasp which in included in the package is perfectly shaped for a door handle.   (One metal loop  will be left over since two hinges are needed but only one door handle) 

Line up the door handle and hammer in with the nails that are included in each package.

Now you are ready to find the perfect tree, stump or even wood fence to mount your fairy door and use your imagination to create the perfect little Fairy Habitat!  

Fairies need to feel welcome and have the perfect little picnic area!! 

And remember when glitter is seen then you know the Fairies have moved in!  

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  1. Evelyn, what an perfect little fairy home. I've been working on my yard this week and have fairies too. We are so alike! I bet your sweet little granddaughters will love this place.
    Hugs, Wanda Ann

  2. This is soooo cute!! My kiddos would love to make something like this!

  3. I really love this idea, I have a stump near my pond, this would look perfect on. Thankyou


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