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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Easy Wine Glass Charms you need to make now

Are you entertaining over the Holidays and when I say Holidays I mean from Thanksgiving thru New Years? 
It's the time of the year for get-to-gathers and for celebrating with food and drink and we are all looking for something special and different for our parties, right?  

Have you seen all those little wine charms out there?   My friends and I totally love them. 
We always have our favorite but then we get confused which glass is whose because we forget which wine charm we choose the last time.   I know, it comes with age or should I say it goes with age.    

Anyway, I saw these little alphabet beads on Amazon and some wine charm rings.   What a great idea, wine charms with all my friends' names, so when the girls come over, we can all have our names on our glasses, love it!  

 Sometimes I do surprise myself with clever ideas, ahh not!   I do good to remember where I set my glass down.    

But seriously these would make the cutest place cards for your holiday entertaining. 

 Everyone could have their names on the wine glasses at their places at the table and at the end of the evening, everyone would be able to take their wine charms home as a guest gift.  

And you could make two for your special friends, one to keep at your house and one they could take home.   So when my wine drinking friends come over, they can quickly have a personalize wine glass. 

Supplies Needed:
(amazon affiliate links)

Rockin Beads 700- Mixed White Acrylic Alphabet /Letter A-z Coin Spacer Beads 7x4mm Round

Metal Wine Rings-package of 12

To thread these beads on the wire rings, I had to straighten out the hook and then bend it back after I put on the beads.   A couple times the end broke off but if it does, just bend the ring back and it works great. 

Now I'm all ready for my friends to come over,  the wine is now open!  

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