My Turn for us: About Me and Why I Blog
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About Me and Why I Blog

Why do I Blog? 
 Why did I start blogging?
  Why do I continue to Blog?
I believe when I started blogging I thought this would just be a great forum for my family and friends to keep up with us as we travel and explored the Great United States.

 Then my little blog just took a life of its own.  It led me down a new road of adventure making new friends and learning so much about just everything along the way.  

During this time I have greatly improved my computer skills and I know I can find a tutorial to make or bake or build 
just about anything. 
 Forget Wikipedia if you really wish to know about 
anything ask a blogger.
I will continue to attempt to answer these questions 
because it changes daily. 

 I was at a point one time where acquiring followers was the ultimate goal and then I grew and now I know to acquire friends and readers is the real blessing. 

  I am also learning how to be me and not to write what
 my readers which to hear but to have readers that wish
 to read what I write.  

 This page is a great representation of my blog, a work in progress and it will continue to grow. 

 Please check back as I will add to it as it as needed.

Me and My Sweetie

I am 50 plus years old and married to my very best friend in the whole world who is also 50 plus years old.  Actually we are very proud of our ages and we walk around and brag about them, that and the fact that we are "Done" raising kids.  
We have three wonderful children and so very proud of each and every one of them, two daughters and a late addition son.  (His sisters were 11 and 13 when he was born:)
Our eldest daughter is married to a wonderful man and they live in Southern California with their two daughters.  Our younger daughter is raising three awesome and fun boys by herself in Southern Texas.
Our son is working his way through college and lives with a beautiful young lady near us.
I am retired from Law Enforcement (I was a Deputy Sheriff in Southern California) and my Fellow just retired from USBP after 26 years of service.   We are currently building our retirement home on our ranch in the great state of Texas;))
Then it's off for some traveling!!

   Kristi, Rob, Kimmie and Kaycee

                                            Michelle, Ryan, Taylor and Caden

Clayton and Jessica