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15 Benefits of a Morning Walk

We have gathered together 15 benefits of walking a mile a day to help inspire you.  Did you know the benefits of a morning walk is good for your physical and mental health and great for the body and soul?

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This type of exercise can not only increase your life expectancy – but regular walking also protects against illness. Walking can also increase your energy and mood.  Scroll down to see all the benefits of walking a a mile a day.



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15 benefits of walking a mile a day:


1. Walking every day for a mile improves digestion 

Rather than settle into your couch to watch a series or a movie on Netflix directly after eating, it is best to walk around the block. A 30-minute walk helps digestion and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.  Or better yet start your day with the benefits of a morning walk.


2. 150 Calories Burned

Have you snacked or eaten too much? By walking for a mile each day, you will burn approximately 150 calories per walk. Your weight and the speed at which you walk have an influence on the calories lost. If you want to lose weight, consider taking a 30-minute walk right before you eat or finding out the best time of day to exercise.


3. Beautiful Legs thanks to walking 

Walking maintains your thighs and calves. Pretty legs thanks to a short half-hour walk, what more could you ask for? And if you combine those 30 minutes with a few squats, you will get an amazing body.


4. Walking makes you want to move move more

The more we move, the more we want to move. After a week of walking, you will want to move more. You will have more energy to put more effort into your body. Why not walk faster or maybe start running?


5. Combine Walking for 30 minutes with another task

While you are walking, you can also do other tasks, such as making an appointment, making a conference call, or making a call to your mom. Multitasking is also possible!  


6. Walking decreases the risk of varicose veins

With good walking shoes, in research, the Cleveland Clinic has shown that 30 minutes of daily walking helps decrease varicose veins and the pain that goes with it.


7. Walking decreases Stress 

Nothing is more distressing than a good walk, in peace. Walk daily for 30 minutes and, if possible, in nature to reduce stress. If you want, you can also download a meditation app for incredible cool-down.


8. Walking Boasts your Creativity

Airing the brain helps boost creativity. One of the best benefits of a morning walk in the great outdoors can free your head and allows for creative ideas.


9. Helps prevent Disease

In addition to preventing heart disease, walking helps us prevent type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and respiratory diseases such as asthma. Likewise, it is proven that walking is a way to age healthily, and prevent 40% of the chances of suffering from dementia, take care of the brain and preserve memory.  


10. Excellent exercise to tone 

Going for a walk helps strengthen and firm your thighs, legs, calves, and quadriceps and tone your glutes, especially if you walk on an incline. 


11. Walking gives your energy 

Although after walking, it seems that the least you have is energy. The contradiction happens: taking a walk is a normal stimulant that helps you stay alert and with additional energy. It increases circulation and the flow of oxygen in the blood and decreases muscle stiffness.


12. Walking makes your happy 

Walking is an excellent antidepressant. Therefore it is completely recognized to recover mood. Benefits of a morning walk increases endorphins within the blood that decreases stress as well as anxiety.  


13. Take care of bone health 

One of the benefits of walking every day is strengthening your bones and increasing their density, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis. Walking in sunlight naturally increases the benefits of vitamin D  in our body.


14. Decreases sexual impotence 

Men who choose to walk daily have great benefits in their sex life.  And some analyzes show that a walk as a routine of physical activity reduces sexual impotence in males.


15. Improve mood 

Walking every day can improve your mood. This is suggested by some experiments carried out on people who habitually walk and exercise daily.

Just for these benefits, wouldn’t you also make some time in your schedule to walk a mile a day?

Benefits of a morning walk


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