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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Do you decorate for St Patrick’s Day?   We love too and we try to make it very easy.  We gather together all our green dishes, some of our St Patrick’s Day Decorations.    We purchase a few little shamrocks, rainbows, and green ribbons or beads and mix and match everything until it pleases us.  Every year our St Patrick’s Day decorations are a little different.
St Patrick's Day Decorations
This is our drop leaf table that sets in our entryway, we added a few green dishes,  draped green beads around and added a few shamrocks.   Even tying a few green ribbon bows around the oil lamp make things festive.  And we believe the Golden Lucky Horseshoe adds a fun and whimsical touch. 
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St Patrick's Day Decorations
This is our newest addition to our St. Patrick’s Day Decor, a golden lucky horseshoe.  This signifies luck more than any other symbol  I know and it was very easy and inexpensive.    A set of four horseshoes cost us less than $10 at our local farm and ranch supply, Tractor Supply  Spray them with gold paint and you have four super cute lucky charms.
St Patrick's Day Decorations
Two of the horseshoes we used in our Barb Wire Wreaths down at the front Gates to the Ranch.   We made this St Patrick’s Day Wreath by tying a green ribbon around the top of the barb wire wreath and adding a gold lucky horseshoe.    Horseshoes have holes for the horseshoe nails so it was easy to string a small wire through them for hanging.
St Patrick's Day Decorations
On our kitchen table, we didn’t go with a normal centerpiece, instead, we grabbed a wooden tea tray and filled it with my mother’s vintage green dessert dishes.   We added a green crystal bell and tied a very plain green ribbon to another of our gas oil lamps.

St Patrick's Day Decorations
Just adding a green plate and bowl on a side table, brings some St Patricks, Day cheer to your home.   Just keep it simple or go all out, it’s what makes you happy on St Paddy’s Day.
Cracked Glass St Patrick's Day candles and table centerpiece
We also placed green votive candles in our DIY Cracked Glass Candle holder and placed them on an antique glass platter.  A gold sugar bowl without the lid becomes a fun pot of gold.   And a couple more cracked glass candle holders from the dollar tree along with our golden horse shoes complete a festive St Patrick’s Day table centerpiece.
St Patrick's Day Decorations
Here’s to you having a great St. Patrick’s Day and may Luck rise up to meet you.  



Angela S Current

Saturday 24th of February 2018

Simple and beautiful! Love it!

Jamie Sherman

Wednesday 11th of March 2015

Such a cute display! And what a great idea with the horseshoe! Love it!!!