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Irish Pub Food Menu Recipes

Here are several choices of Irish pub food recipes that you will wish to be on any Irish pub menu or even on a bar food menu.  These Irish themed pub meals  are totally delicious and will rock your St Patrick’s day celebrations.

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Celebrating St Patrick’s day is not just about wearing green or rainbow colors, it’s about food.  And if you are like us, green beer!  Irish pub food goes with green beer or Guinness or any of the other awesome Irish pub menu beverages.  And since we don’t wish to be limited to any local Irish pub menu, we decided to list some of the great possibilities of pub meals for you to choose to make at home.  


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But first see these bar food menu appetizers:


Or these other St Patrick’s Day Recipes


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Irish pub food recipes

These Irish themed pub meals that are totally delicious and that you will wish to be on any Irish pub menu or bar food menu.

What was your favorite Irish pub food recipe?