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Healthy Meal Prep Meals for a Week

Are you looking for easy ways to plan, prep and store healthy meals to achieve your weight loss goals?    These are our best healthy meal prep meals ideas and meal prep snacks to help you meet those weight loss or healthy eating goals.  Plus see our meal prep cookbook suggestions. 

Healthy Meals Prep, meal prep snacks,


Remember all those great thoughts we had after New Year’s day?  You know the ones that we were going to eat healthier and in the process lose a few holiday pounds?   Yeah, us too.  And then along came the biggest football game of the season.   So we had to treat ourselves and our guests with some delicious snacks and let’s be honest, most of them were not low calorie.   And before we recovered from those fun parties, along came the world of chocolate for Valentine’s day!   Yes, we must confess we indulged. 


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Healthy Meal Prep


Getting Started on Healthy Meal Prep Meals

Remember all those healthy fruits and vegetables that you bought after New Years in years past?  You want to start those lofty goals and you also remember how much went to waste?   And you are hesitant to try that again?  Not to worry we have you covered with several ideas and many tools to not let that happen again.  Also, we have several meal prep quick meals recipes and snacks plus suggestions for meal prep cookbooks below.   And most of all we help you prep a weeks worth of meals to get you started.    Let’s go for it! 


What Tools will you need for Healthy Meal Planning


Free Printable Weekly Meal & Grocery Planner:


Healthy Meal Planner


Before you start be sure and printout our free Weekly Meal Planner right here==> Weekly Meal Planner


Now for your healthy meal prep meals:

We all have a recipe or plan when we buy our fresh veggies and then we bring them home and put them in the fridge awaiting their turn to be chopped into delicious healthy veggie dishes. But we know the chopping is the most time-consuming part and after a long day, who wants to begin prepping vegetables?   So we don’t and those gorgeous veggies just go to waste and we don’t stay on our track to healthy eating.



But how about if we prep and season each meal’s veggies, and store them in storage sets as soon as we arrive home from the store?  Ones that are sure to keep everything fresh and ready for a fast but healthy meal.   That would be a great way to do our healthy meal prep meals, wouldn’t it?   Or pick a day to prepare several vegetable dishes to have ready for a quick microwave side dish.  


 Food Storage for Healthy meal prep:

These storage sets are clear like glass so you can always see what’s inside.   Stain-resistant material that keeps the plastic food container looking like new, and resists odors. Built-in vents under latches allow splatter-resistant microwaving with the lid on.  They stack perfectly to one another to save space and stay organized in the pantry or fridge. and safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer; lifetime warranty


  • 24 Piece Plastic Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage set      This Set includes (4) 0.5-cup mini, (4) 1.3-cup small, (2) 3.2-cup medium, and (2) 4.7-cup medium deep containers, plus (12) lids, for a total of 24 pieces.
  • 10 Piece Set –— Includes two 1.3-cup, two  3.2-cup and one 9.6-cup container with lids for all
  • Main Dish/Meat Marinade Container– for  meal prep– Pack includes three 9.6-cup plastic containers, plus lids, for a total of 6 pieces
  • Meal Prep Side Dish Storage—  Containers stack perfectly to one another to save space and stay organized in the pantry or fridge.  Pack includes five 3.2-cup plastic containers, plus lids, for a total of 10 pieces
  • For Healthy Snacks   Pack includes two 1.3-cup plastic containers plus lids, for a total of 4 pieces.


Healthy Meal Prep Meals for Vegetable Side Dishes:


healthy meal prep meals


Side Dish Meal Prep Recipes:



  • Squash Medley— zucchini and yellow squash, sliced, with a couple of slices of purple onion and red bell pepper placed in a container with garlic clove, season with salt, pepper, olive oil, and McCormick Vegetable seasoning)


  • Stir Fry Veggie Prep– zucchini, yellow squash cut into sticks, slices of purple onion, mushrooms and red bell pepper.


  • Sweet Potato Wedges–  Cut sweet potatoes into wedges, season with olive oil, salt, and pepper and Pumpkin Pie Spice or Freeze Dried Chives.  Store them in the containers until it’s time to place them on a sheet pan for roasting.


All these could be safely stored in these food containers ready for a quick and healthy meal for your family.


Healthy meals Prep


We can microwave most of the healthy meals right in the your microwave.



Just lift the tabs for venting and gently place the lid on top and microwave according to your desired doneness.


How to Marinate Meat for Main Dish Recipes:


healthy meal prep meals


Meat Meal Prep Recipes:



  • Fajitas–  skirt steak or lean slices of steak loin with olive oil and Spice Hunter Fajita Seasoning Blend (contains no sugar nor salt) served with lettuce, tomato, and avocado with whole-grain tortillas and low-fat cheese


  • Pork Loin– marinated with Teriyaki Sauce (sauce contains so trans fats, msg nor preservatives)


Store your food prepped for your marinated main dish in this  Size Container


Meal Prep Snacks to go:


Healthy Meals Prep, meal prep snacks


By prepping ahead it is also helpful in keeping those snack cravings under control.  Prepare several servings of healthy snacks already portioned in these smaller containers.  Meal prep snacks ahead of time and not be tempted to grab that candy bar or those chips.

Snack Prep Suggestions:


  • Vegetable Snacks– celery sticks, baby carrots, cucumber slices


  • Protein snack– red bell pepper slices, lean sandwich ham slices, rolled and cheese sticks


  • Healthy Fruit Salad– strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries


  • Cheese and fruit to go–  grapes, cheese cubes and cashews


Fulfilling our daily and weekly goals of healthy eating comes down to a little planning ahead of time. And this limiting our time spent getting healthy food on the table quickly.  Prepping our meals and meal prep snacks ahead of time gives us the benefit of easy and quick dinners and takes away the temptation or in our case, the excuses.    Especially on those nights, when we are just too tired to face chopping veggies.

Now we are ready to get back to our goals of getting fit before summer and we have the tools and extra meal prep cookbooks to do it. 


healthy meal prep, meal prep cookbook


We are all doing this together and we just know we will see some great results.  See it’s all about organizing and having the right equipment.   And that will save us time, effort and money in obtaining our weight loss goals.  So I know we can do this one meal, one snack, one day and one week at a time!  We are always looking to make  Healthy Meals prep go quicker and easier.   And that is how it makes it easier to stay on our healthy eating plan. 


Meal prep cookbook suggestions:


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Meal Prep Ideas



Wednesday 10th of January 2018

Thanks, this was very helpful


Sunday 26th of February 2017

I love how stackable these are! The ones I have now don't fit into the fridge so neatly!


Saturday 25th of February 2017

I'm absolutely loving being prepped with so much deliciousness! Also, these containers are perfect for me for bringing my lunch to work. I love that you can easily see what's inside!

Charbel Barker

Saturday 25th of February 2017

These look so convenient! I'll have to check them out!

Nicole Burkholder

Friday 24th of February 2017

WOW! I love that they are perfect for going straight to the microwave! What a cool feature. The lids are awesome. I have to do a lot of prep with school and work lunches every day. Great ideas here for making it simple :)