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21 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

21 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes & Crock Pot Dinner Recipes including Healthy beef slow cooker recipes and healthy crockpot chicken recipes.  These are some of the best crockpot recipes that will not wreck your diet.


healthy slow cooker recipes


Putting together a healthy meal for your family can be stressful and overwhelming.  Whether you have a big family or empty nesters like us, you have to make sure dinner is on top of your list every day.   But sometimes, just the very idea of dinnertime is stressful.   Slow cooker meals have completely transformed dinnertime in our household and have made it easier to eat healthier in the new year.


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Instead of grabbing something easy and not so healthy, I try to plan ahead of time.  I have a collection of the best crock recipes and keep them handy.    Then I know I have a meal waiting for me to put on the table at home.     If you are looking to eat healthier this year, without all the hassle and stress, here are 21 healthy slow cooker recipes to try.


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Healthy Soups and Chili Crock Pot Dinner Recipes:




 Healthy Crock Pot Chicken Recipes:


healthy crock pot chicken recipes



Healthy Beef Slow Cooker Recipes:


healthy beef slow cooker recipes


Other healthy slow cooker recipes:


best crock pot recipes